“Horizon Forbidden West” Updated Its Spentacular Graphics

The already stunning PlayStation exclusive has received a fresh update patch that includes various new visual upgrades and enhancements.

On both PlayStation systems, “Horizon Forbidden West” is already a visually spectacular sight, and a recently published update patch improves its graphics even more. Players entered the gorgeous yet dangerous post-apocalyptic world created by Guerilla Games earlier this year as Aloy traveled to the Forbidden West to find the missing pieces of a terraforming AI and unravel the mysteries of the evil Far Zenith organization.

In the first “Horizon: Zero Dawn”, Aloy encounters new friends, encounters threatening new enemies, and learns more about the planet. With better facial animations and water effects than the already impressive “Zero Dawn”, Horizon Forbidden West marked the growing series’ transition into the current console generation on the PlayStation 5. Players were wowed by these improvements in the pre-launch story trailers for “Horizon Forbidden West”. “Horizon’s” stunning environments and distinctive Machine opponents are now even more spectacular to look at, and Guerilla Games, the game’s creator, is still working to improve “Forbidden West’s” striking visuals.

Guerilla Games shared a video on its YouTube account to mark the arrival of Patch 1.17 for “Horizon Forbidden West”. In a subsequent post on r/horizon, it was revealed that this free update for “Forbidden West” added several new visual improvements, including High Refresh Rate (HFR), a new “Balanced” Graphics Mode, and Variable Refresh Rate (VRR), which improves dynamic resolution scaling on displays running at 60Hz. As addition as fixing a few reported bugs and problems with a handful of “Horizon Forbidden West’s” missions, weapons, and Machines, Patch 1.17 also adds a number of modest quality-of-life enhancements to the game’s user interface and language subtitles.

Fans have been speculating about whether Guerilla Games would release any significant DLC side-campaigns, like it did with “Horizon: Zero Dawn’s The Frozen Wilds” expansion, ever since “Horizon Forbidden West” arrived for both the PS4 and PS5 in February. Although there have been some post-launch rumors suggesting future “Forbidden West” DLC, no official announcements of a new batch of story content from Guerilla Games have been made. This has disappointed some players, who fear that the game will get lost in this year’s wave of AAA releases like Elden Ring.

In the meanwhile, it appears like Guerilla Games is eager to fix any persistent technical problems with “Horizon Forbidden West” and incorporate widely desired improvements, such as improved visuals and the ability for “Forbidden West” players to rapidly pick up goods. Before the latest Patch 1.17 update, this planet was already a feast for the eyes, and the additional additions will undoubtedly make “Horizon Forbidden West” an even more astounding exhibition of the still-evolving PlayStation 5’s technical prowess.