Aloy May Use Her Glider To Ride Tornadoes In “Horizon Forbidden West”

“Horizon Forbidden West” turns out to let Aloy to use her glider to ride tornadoes.

The video below is a popular clip from the “Horizon” subreddit that went viral over the weekend. In “Horizon Forbidden West”, a player can take off in a sandstorm using Aloy’s glider, but they can also use the tornado to stay airborne for longer than normal, keeping oneself aloft at a constant level.

It’s a wonderful little find, and one that many players would never have considered trying. When confronted with a tornado, your instinct will urge you to flee in the other direction, regardless of how powerful your Aloy is, thus it’s no surprise that this quiet feature has been buried for almost a week.

Many people are wondering what would happen if Aloy truly ran into a tornado in the comments below the post. It turns out that they aren’t officially “tornadoes,” but rather smaller “dust devils,” according to the universe of Horizon Forbidden West. Given that information, it’s difficult to imagine Aloy floating through a full-fledged tornado and escaping uninjured.