After The Update Players Can Now Pick Up Items Instantly In “Horizon Forbidden West”

Players in “Horizon Forbidden West” can now pick up objects without pausing thanks to a new update. While “Horizon Forbidden West” is narrative-driven in certain areas, the game’s main focus is on exploring its vast open environment and strengthening Aloy, the heroine. This will usually include utilizing the game’s scavenging system, which previously required players to come to a complete halt in order to obtain resources.

Horizon Forbidden West frequently involves the use of materials. Aloy can gather materials from a variety of slain opponents, plants, and chests, with different places and enemy kinds harboring distinct supplies. These materials can be used to enhance and construct a variety of weapons, gear, and other in-game things that help the player. Upgrades and crafts, especially high-level ones, can sometimes necessitate a large number of resources, making acquiring supplies a lengthy task. This is exacerbated by Aloy’s habit of stopping to kneel each time an item is gathered. In the end, some players believe that gaining the greatest gear in “Horizon Forbidden West” might be tedious and uninteresting.

While upgrading and creating top-tier gear still takes a significant amount of time, it may now be more interesting to gamers as a result of a recent change. Players may now turn off pickup animations in the settings of “Horizon Forbidden West”, according to a Reddit user (via GamesRadar). This means that instead of bringing the game to a halt every time a player wants to acquire supplies, Aloy can just grab them as she travels.

This may appear to some as a minor change, but it can have a significant influence on overall speed and convenience. This strategy to getting goods was used in open-world games like Ghost of Tsushima and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (which many fans believe is overshadowing Horizon Zero Dawn), with Jin Sakai and Link picking up pickups without losing their stride. Players in The Last of Us Part II had the option of acquiring goods quickly. All of this is to imply that in gaming, a streamlined approach to something as mundane as gathering supplies is far from unheard of, and “Horizon Forbidden West” benefits well from it.

Open-world games are densely packed with content, yet this may make them feel bloated at times. “Horizon Forbidden West”, by all accounts, avoids the flaws that plague so many other open-world games, but it doesn’t mean that some players won’t become tired of the game’s gameplay cycle. Hopefully, with this update and future fixes, “Horizon Forbidden West” may continue to progress without losing its identity.

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