A Pride Flag Face Paint Update to “Horizon Forbidden West”

In a recent update to “Horizon Forbidden West,” Aloy has a Pride Flag-inspired face paint, and other bugs have been fixed, including one that would send players into the air after finishing a particular gauntlet run.

Patch 1.18 for developer Guerilla’s open-world sci-fi adventure mostly consists of bug fixes for various objectives and activities, along with a few audio and graphic updates, as described on Reddit. The only new content is the Mark of Pride face paint, which is available from face painters in Scalding Spear, Thornmarsh, and the Bulwark.

There are also a few minor gameplay adjustments. Enemies of the Dreadwing are now more likely to attack when in a forest, the Plant Forager talent now functions on Medicinal Waterweed, and the melee damage resistance of the Toughened Valor Surge skill level 3 has been decreased from 50% to 35%.

The remainder of the patch notes are devoted to fixing bugs, such as one that caused players to launch themselves into the air after completing the Cliffs of the Cry Gauntlet Run. In addition, a bug that might result in a “non-functional and low-resolution” Thunderjaw spawning close to Fall’s Edge has been fixed. Other updates address camera problems when using a Blastsling weapon or turning on Concentration zoom.

Guerilla, while only being active since February of this year, has consistently worked to enhance Horizon Forbidden West.” A VRR (Variable Refresh Rate) mode and a “balanced” 40fps graphics setting were added in a patch last month, while a June update added New Game+, an Ultra Hard difficulty setting, extra trophies, and other things.

“Horizon Forbidden West” Updated Its Spentacular Graphics