This Week’s “Halo Infinite” Mid-Season Update Will Provide Upgrades To The Campaign.

The forthcoming “Halo Infinite” mid-season update will offer a number of campaign enhancements.

“Halo Infinite’s” campaign will undergo “many enhancements,” according to a blog post written by 343 community manager John Junyszek over the weekend. “Whether it’s correcting difficulties with Achievements unlocking or returning to the game via Quick Resume,” he adds, “the team has been working on a handful of campaign adjustments since launch, and there will be more on the way.” “For further information, check out the Patch Notes on the Halo Support site next week.”

In addition, the new version will increase PC and console performance. Junyszek specifically notes that the 343 development team is already aware of existing performance issues and is actively working on resolving them in a later this week update.
In addition, there will be a minor update to Big Team Battle. Players in the all-out battle mode have often expressed dissatisfaction with the Motion Tracker, according to 343 in the blog post, and the device’s range has now been raised from 18 meters to 24 meters in total.
Finally, there’s some anti-cheat information to enjoy. “This update will include several upgrades to our anti-cheat systems,” Junyszek says, before promising that future releases would also include improvements to Halo Infinite‘s anti-cheat features. With these mid-season adjustments, Halo Infinite” appears to be on the rise.