The New “Halo Infinite” Update Amplifies The Game’s Volume

Following today’s update, footsteps, gunfire, and grenade tosses have all become louder.

Players in past Halo games could readily identify other players on tiny levels or utilize their radars to locate enemy positions. However, “Halo Infinite”, which has considerably larger battlefields and a much smaller radar, cannot say the same. Instead, gamers must use their hearing to determine where attackers are approaching and what weapons they are using. The most recent update to the game should make this a little simpler.

Season 1 – Mid-Season Update for Halo Infinite increases the volume of several of the game’s most critical noises. Starting today, enemies firing grenades, a Needler’s supercombine, and a player completely charging the Ravager should all be a little clearer. However, in Halo Infinite”‘s multiplayer audio mix, the sounds of gunshot and footfall have both been enhanced.

Gunfire and footfall are extremely crucial aural cues in “Halo Infinite” due to the game’s reduced minimap. Both alert players to the presence of foes, while trained ears can detect which weapon is being used based on the sound of it firing and adjust appropriately. Increasing the volume of these noises will provide players with a lot more information on the battlefield.

The new “Halo Infinite” patch contains a lot of speed enhancements for both PC and consoles, in addition to audio adjustments. Below is a complete list of the patch notes for today’s release.

The second season of “Halo Infinite” is planned to premiere on May 3rd. Along with it, gamers will have access to two new maps as well as a number of melee system changes. The only thing gamers will be missing out on is campaign co-op, which will be available later in Season 2 rather than at launch.

Patch notes for “Halo Infinite” Season 1’s mid-season update


At all framerates, first-person animations such as reloading and clambering now seem smoother.

For both multiplayer and campaign, the following sound effects are amplified in the audio mix:

  • Enemies throwing grenades
  • The Needler’s supercombine
  • Player Ravager completing its charge

On Xbox Series X|S consoles, Quick Resume has been improved, including the dependability of reconnecting to “Halo Infinite”‘s multiplayer and customisation features. After utilizing Quick Resume, players who have purchased “Halo Infinite”‘s campaign digitally should see less solicitations to purchase Campaign.

After upgrading and starting “Halo Infinite”, players who did not earn an Achievement after meeting the conditions should see it unlock.

On Xbox Series X|S consoles, Dolby Vision High Dynamic Range (HDR) output has been improved.

When playing on a PC with an AMD GPU and a FreeSync compatible display, color accuracy improves (s). If you wish to play with HDR, make sure it’s turned on in both Windows and the AMD Radeon Software/Settings.

Xbox One systems have been given a boost in terms of stability.

If you try to play “Halo Infinite” with an out-of-date PC graphics driver, you’ll be directed to Halo Support’s recommended drivers.

Graphics corruption may be less common on PCs using Intel Integrated Graphics.

  • The minimal system requirements for “Halo Infinite” are not met by Intel Integrated Graphics. On this hardware, gameplay may be functional, but it is unlikely to be performant.


Cheat detection has been improved, as well as other anti-cheat enhancements.

Damage sounds, as well as opponent footsteps and gunfire, are now stronger in the multiplayer audio mix.

In Big Team Battle, the Combat Sensor’s range has been expanded from 18 to 24 meters (BTB).

New telemetry has been added to aid our developers in gathering additional information about shot registration concerns. The development team’s in-depth investigation of these concerns, as well as their ideas for future mitigations, may be seen here: The Online Experience in “Halo Infinite”.

After receiving a matchmaking ban, players can select the Play button in any matchmaking playlist to see when their ban will end. This expiration time will be in the MM/DD/YY format and PT time.

  • For more information on “Halo Infinite” bans and how to submit a ban appeal, see How to Appeal a Ban.

All players that have submitted a valid code on Halo Waypoint can now get the Optimal Polish Initiated armor plating. On OPI’s blog, you can learn more about this unique deal. Contact if you have any problems with this program.

Stuttering and desyncs will no longer be experienced by players standing atop wrecked vehicles.

Estimated Wait times are now shown in matchmaking playlists.

After online matches, the Post-Game Carnage Report (PGCR) will now display the proper winning team.


Campaign’s save system has been improved to prevent data loss.

After completing the Campaign’s last goal, interactive items such as uncollected audio logs and ammunition boxes now have their proper sound and visual effects.

When playing in a language other than English, the description of Forerunner Artifacts now shows appropriately.

Issues that have been identified

One new problem has been identified in this update:

  • The Estimated Wait time for the Bot Bootcamp matching playlist is incorrect. Actual wait times may differ from those indicated, but they should be significantly lower than the Estimated Wait.