The List of “Halo Infinite’s” Missing Features Is the Most Popular on Reddit Before the Game’s Release

Gamers always want more, no matter how well-received a game is at launch, and a check at the “Halo Infinite” subreddit reveals that the most popular topic is all the things the game lacks. The game’s release is approaching, but there are still a lot of unanswered questions. For example, users are unsure if they will be able to replay the “Halo Infinite” campaign missions. While fixes are almost certainly on the way, users are left wondering what the game’s current status is.

Halo Infinite was first shown off during E3 2018, and was deemed an Xbox One exclusive at the time. It has, however, undergone a significant transformation in the years since. It was meant to be out last year as the Xbox Series X’s launch title, but the COVID-19 epidemic delayed its release. The multiplayer component of the game was released on November 15th for everyone to play, followed by the campaign on December 8th. The multiplayer has gotten generally positive reviews, while it is not without flaws (the most notable of which being demands to opt-out of Halo Infinite’s” crossplay). With the campaign approach, players are paying attention to what isn’t coming.

A comprehensive list of things “Halo Infinite” will not have by the time its campaign debuts is currently a big subject on the game’s subreddit, as uploaded by member DarkMoonKnight. The list includes issues ranging from multiplayer to single-player, such as a lack of co-op, the absence of player-created creations in the game’s Forge mode, and more. It’s a long list, with new additions being made all the time. Although the Halo subreddit was temporarily taken down owing to criticism, the list serves as a sharp reminder that many people still believe the game is incomplete despite its lengthy development time.

Many players are disappointed with what isn’t in “Halo Infinite” and grumble about its functionality and rewards, according to a cursory scan of the topic’s comments. A few people criticize the game’s microtransactions, claiming that the charges are excessively high in comparison to the benefit received. This outcry is reminiscent of how early complaints about “Halo Infinite” led to a reduction in daily challenge XP rates. If this movement develops enough traction, it may be able to produce results.

With the campaign’s premiere approaching, “Halo Infinite” reviews are pouring in, and the game appears to be receiving a lot of positive feedback so far. Critics, on the other hand, don’t always appear to agree with the general player base, as is the case here if Reddit is to be believed. It remains to be seen if gamers will be satisfied once “Halo Infinite” is fixed.