The “Game Will Change Forever” Thanks To Halo Infinite Forge

When Halo Infinite Forge is released, according to a 343 Industries employee, it will “transform the game forever.”

Tahir ‘Tashi’ Hasandjekic, who oversees “Halo Infinite’s” esports and viewership, responded to a tweet from Jack “CouRage” Dunlop, a co-owner of 100 Thieves, complaining about the game’s dearth of content.

“I’m just sitting here sad thinking about Halo: Infinite. The gameplay was really fun but man. It just had NOTHING. N O T H I N G. It hurts to say now and I’m sorry if that offends anyone. But seriously, my favorite game series of all-time was just so poorly handled. Goodnight,” wrote Dunlop. Tashi responded with “stay tuned – big stuff on the way.”

Dunlop emphasized the need for top-down decisions to be “looked at,” and Tashi concurred before stating that Forge will provide the needed material and excitement for gamers.

Before Halo season two ends, a beta version of the highly anticipated Forge mode is expected, with a full version following sometime in season three. The typical Halo Infinite gamer wants access to Forge, despite the fact that we’ve already seen some wacky fan creations like a P.T demo, Red Light, Green Light by Squid Game, and a map created of 150,000 bananas.

I stated in February that Forge is the best approach for “Halo Infinite” to engage with its creative community. Since then, not much has changed. Halo devotees are discouraged by the lack of new modes and map options, but Forge can fix the issue. The staff at 343 Industries obviously shares this sentiment, but we still need to see some tangible results. Forge doesn’t feel as far away as it once did, at least.

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