“Halo Infinite’s” Ranked Ladder Will Be Hard Reset, With Matchmaking Changes

Fans of “Halo Infinite’s” free-to-play multiplayer mode will notice a huge change to how Competitive Skill Rankings work, with every player’s ranking skill level being reset. The multiplayer for the latest Halo game was released in November, a month sooner than expected, surprise enthusiasts. Both fans and reviews praised “Halo Infinite’s” multiplayer and story. Months later, fans are still requesting modifications and additions from the devs.

Halo Infinite, like most big-budget video games published today, has had its share of problems since its release. Players in the middle of a match in Big Team Battle, one of Halo‘s most popular game types, experienced disconnections for months until the game developer corrected the issue with a patch earlier this month. While the game’s social media outlets keep fans up to date on new events and issues, not every response satisfies the Halo fanbase. While playing competitive-rated matches, many fans have noticed an increase in unequal matchmaking. A new update appears to make several beneficial modifications at the cost of resetting the skill levels of ranked players.

Upcoming multiplayer matchmaking upgrades for “Halo Infinite” promise to decrease erroneous skill assessments and unequal encounters. Players’ Competitive Skill Rankings, on the other hand, will be reset, requiring them to redo ranked placement matches. Halo Waypoint announced the imminent update, detailing concerns with “Halo Infinite’s” current matchmaking, which places players in a higher skill group than they should be. When the new update and rank reset go live on February 22nd, 343 Industries claims that gamers playing “Halo Infinite’s” ranked modes should witness enhanced matches and more evenly matched battles.

Some fans may be enraged by the changes to “Halo Infinite’s” ranks and matchmaking systems, as they will lose the rank they have worked so hard to acquire. Rank resets are, however, not commonplace among competitive shooters who reset between new multiplayer seasons. Skilled players who have previously earned their way to the game’s upper-Diamond and Onyx ranks should be able to proceed significantly faster as a result of the changes made. Simultaneously, most game fans who participate in the Bronze to Gold categories should encounter fewer matches with higher-level enemy teams.

Multiplayer has always been a big part of the Halo franchise. The new adjustments in the forthcoming update should make ranked matches in “Halo Infinite” feel more balanced and less irritating for players who are seeking to improve their skills. More upgrades and content for “Halo Infinite” are on the way, according to developer 343 Industries. While players will have to wait for further information on the game’s Forge and Cooperative modes, thanks to the more balanced matchmaking, new multiplayer maps and modes will be a lot more entertaining.