Players in “Halo Infinite” Season 2 Will Be Able To Earn Credits Through Playing The Game

343 Industries, the creators of “Halo Infinite”, has revealed that beginning in Season 2, users will be able to earn Credits through gameplay. Microtransactions in “Halo Infinite”, such as cosmetics, exp bonuses, and more, can be purchased with Credits, the game’s only in-game currency. Unfortunately, Credits are presently only available for purchase with actual money, which can be quite costly. According to one fan, buying all of Halo Infinite‘s” season 1 microtransactions would cost $1,000, which is an astronomically high price for those who want to gather all of the game’s cosmetics.

The exorbitant pricing of microtransactions in Halo Infinite” isn’t the only complaint users have about the game. Many people have criticized 343 Industries for selling many of the game’s items in such a way that they are even more inaccessible to users. Rather than selling all of the things in the in-game store separately, many of them are only available in packages or bundles. If a player only wants one item from the bundle, this makes purchasing something from an already expensive shop even more expensive. Because of the outcry, 343 Industries has promised to make modifications to “Halo Infinite’s” microtransaction mechanism.

According to GamesRadar, 343 Industries’ Head of Design, Jerry Hook, recently tweeted that players will be able to earn Credits as part of their Season 2 battle pass progression owing to “continuous feedback.” Hook did not specify when or how the change will be implemented, nor did he specify the rate at which players will gain Credits as they go through the season’s battle pass. He does indicate, though, that more details about the new system will be released before Season 2, which is set to premiere in May 2022.

While this is encouraging news, “Halo Infinite’s” battle pass advancement has been a source of contention among players. While the battle pass allows players to take their time cultivating EXP and earning levels and rewards, users have questioned both the rate at which they can get EXP and the methods by which they can do so. Rather than gaining EXP by just playing the game’s several multiplayer playlists, users must first complete various challenges in order to level up their battle pass. Thankfully, 343 Industries soon changed this to award EXP for finished matches, and performance-based EXP is likely to be introduced in the future.

Apart from microtransactions and battle pass advancement, “Halo Infinite’s” multiplayer has gotten positive feedback, so implementing these adjustments to address some of the game’s flaws is a positive step forward. Hopefully, 343 Industries continues to listen to its fans and improves the game to make it even more appealing to play.