PC Game Pass Is Free For Three Months For Players Of “Halo Infinite”, Forza Motorsport 7, And Age Of Empires 4.

PC Game Pass is presently available for a three-month trial to chosen users from Microsoft.

Anyone who plays “Halo Infinite”, Forza Horizon 5, or Age of Empires IV on PC between launch and February 28, 2022 is eligible for the trial, albeit the offer is exclusively for new users. Players who started the “Halo Infinite” campaign or the “Halo Infinite” multiplayer components are included.

Anyone who wanted to take advantage of the deal had to be playing on a PC with their genuine Microsoft Account, not a console or a cloud gaming account.

You’ll need a credit card to join up, and you’ll be charged when the three-month trial period is up. You’ll have to pay the usual membership fee, but you may cancel at any time and not be charged anything.

Are you unsure if you qualify? If you log in with the same Microsoft Account you used to play on PC, you may utilize the “Check Eligibility” option to see if you’re eligible for this promotion.

There are nearly 100 titles available on PC Game Pass, so there’s enough to pick from. Minecraft, Sea of Thieves, Fallout, and a slew of more games fall within this category. It’s highly worth it to get three months of the service for free, especially considering that many of the games available are more expensive separately than a typical membership.If you’re attempting to catch up on a huge backlog (and who isn’t?) This is an excellent place to start without having to add any more costs to your budget.