New Bug Appeared On “Halo Infinite”

When a dynamo grenade is launched at one, a recently discovered issue in “Halo Infinite” causes unending wet floor signs to generate. Following a very long wait in 2020, the next installment in the Halo franchise will be released on December 8, this year. A “Halo Infinite” multiplayer technical preview is currently taking place from September 23 to 26 and September 30 to October 3, offering fans a chance to try out the technologies that the developers have spent so much time perfecting.

This isn’t the first time 343 Industries has released a tech peek to its fans as it works to iron out any remaining flaws before the game’s official release in around two and a half months. An earlier preview revealed a bug that caused Halo Infinite bots to taunt vanquished adversaries inappropriately, comparable to a popular celebration among real-life players. Other issues have been revealed in the current multiplayer demo, one of which highlights to certain players that the floor is truly wet.

After being hit with a dynamo grenade, a glitch creates an absurd amount of wet floor signs, according to Kotaku. Some players who have discovered the problem take advantage of it by tossing as many dynamo grenades as they can at the ever-growing pile, making it appear as if an unlimited number are spawning. The problem only lasts as long as the grenade’s effect, and, as YouTuber Hotel pointed out, the signs de-spawn a few seconds after they appear.

During this round of the multiplayer technical preview, grenades appear to be the focus of some player worries. When compared to prior versions in the genre, the recoil on Halo Infinite” grenades felt odd, according to one player. However, this issue could be easily resolved by modifying the grenade settings in the game’s menu.

The wet floor sign glitch, on the other hand, does not appear to be a game-breaking issue, and it’s really pretty entertaining to watch. Because of how quirky it is, 343 Industries may decide to let it slip or at the very least keep it in the game in some manner. If it is later determined that it, like the Halo Unlimited infinite melee exploit, has a negative impact on the overall experience, it should be removed from the game. Until then, 343 could want to let players use yellow wet floor signs to make it rain.