Mute Other Players On “Halo Infinite” Game

The multiplayer mode in “Halo Infinite” brings together Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC users, and it works surprisingly well. However, while the game provides a variety of options to engage in combat with other players, the user interface can be perplexing. Some options are tucked away in the depths of the menus. The key button that mutes other players in-game is one of them, and if you don’t have it, you’ll be subjected to unimaginable horrors as you’re forced to listen to whatever is going on in the lives of your fellow Spartans.

Though it isn’t immediately obvious, there is a technique to mute other players in your match, both collectively and individually, if you know where to look. If you don’t want to be bothered by chat, there are various options to turn it off completely. Here’s everything you need to know about muting other Halo Infinite players.

The Best Way To Mute Other Players

You might have run into trouble trying to silence players in Halo Infinite’s” player-vs-player matches. Many first-person shooters provide you the option to silence other players from the same screen where you can see the roster and scoreboard, however in “Halo Infinite”, you can’t click on names from there. You must instead navigate to the Social Menu.

Where Can I Find The Social Menu?

When you press the Menu button on the controller or Escape on the PC, the Social Menu appears on the big menu screen. You’ll find several menu options down the left side of the screen when you open it. However, if you look down in the bottom right corner, you’ll notice a prompt that allows you to access the Chat, Social, and Settings menus. The Social menu is the one in the middle, accessible with the View button on the controller or the Tab key on the keyboard, and it allows you to see your friends list as well as, more importantly, the list of everyone in your current game.

When you tap the Social menu, three tabs will appear at the top of the screen. The leftmost tab, which shows the current players in your game, is the one you want. You may silence them all with a single button (Y on the controller, R on the PC), or you can choose a specific name and press A on the controller or Enter on the keyboard to bring up their player card. Once there, select the mute option to disable that player’s ability to communicate with you.

Chat can be turned off in the settings

You may even disable in-game chat entirely, which is particularly beneficial if you’re always playing alone, using Xbox party chat, or using third-party services like Discord to handle your communications. From the Settings menu, you can disable all conversation features, including text. To access the menu, press Start on your controller or F1 on your keyboard. You can also access the settings menu by pressing escape and scrolling through all of “Halo Infinite’s” menus; it’ll be near the top of the list.

Go to the Audio tab at the top of the Settings menu. You’ll find the settings you’re looking for at the bottom of the Audio menu. Here you can change the Voice Chat Mode, as well as enable or disable Lobby Chat and Match Chat. Disable both Lobby and Match conversations if you want to silence everyone.

While you can disable the Lobby and Match chats in the settings, we’ve noticed that voices can still slip through on occasion. By reducing the Incoming Voice Chat Volume bar to zero, you may put an end to it all.