Master Chief’s Grappling Hook Skills are Demonstrated in the “Halo Infinite” Trailer

A pair of new “Halo Infinite” trailers have been released, stressing Master Chief’s return and showcasing the game’s grappling hook, among other things. Although “Halo Infinite’s” multiplayer is already available as a free download from developer 343 Industries, the campaign will not be played until the full game publishes on December 8.

The Halo games are known for their pre-and post-release trailers, in addition to their gameplay and narrative. In its 20-year history, the Halo franchise has seen a slew of spectacular trailers, several of which are considered among the most memorable in video game history. Halo 2’s unveiling video, Halo 3’s Super Bowl commercial, and Halo: Reach’s live-action trailer are just a few of the memorable trailers that have piqued fans’ interest throughout the years. There are a few live-action trailers for Halo Infinite, but they mostly center on minor people from the Halo universe who have helped the Master Chief succeed.

Two new “Halo Infinite” videos have been uploaded to the official Xbox channel on YouTube, offering not only a live-action trailer but also a new cinematic commercial featuring Master Chief and the grappling hook. In the new “Carry On” cinematic, the 33-second spot follows the Master Chief as he charges into battle against a group of Brutes, outmaneuvering them and turning their own weapons on them. The exciting video highlights some of the action that players will soon get to experience in the “Halo Infinite” campaign, and has been a resounding hit with fans, reaching over 22,000 Likes at the time of writing.

“Forever We Fight,” the other new “Halo Infinite” trailer, is a longer live-action trailer that sets up numerous situations with a number of individuals, each from a distinct period in human history. In their own time, each of them had their own sources of conflict, leading up to Master Chief’s current battle with the Banished army. The live-action video, which contrasts with the high-octane fighting sequence of “Carry On,” focuses more on conflict and emotion, and appears to have sparked less interest among fans, with approximately half the number of views as the Master Chief-centered film.

The new “Carry On” trailer for “Halo Infinite” stresses the forthcoming campaign’s fluid and dynamic combat, which promises to be one of the most thrilling Master Chief journeys to date. In the last moments, he is shown grabbing a Gravity Hammer away from a jumping Brute, similar to how players in Halo Infinite Grappleshot can seize weapons from adversaries. Long-time fans of the game have praised the clip, with one YouTube commentator praising the cinematic for being evocative of Halo 3 and Reach marketing.

The anticipation for “Halo Infinite” has never been higher, thanks in part to Xbox’s decision to release the multiplayer suite ahead of the campaign’s release. Because of this, players will not have to choose between the multiplayer and the campaign once it is released, potentially increasing player numbers for the campaign. “Halo Infinite’s” multiplayer has already broken Xbox records, surpassing the concurrent player number for an Xbox Game Studios title on Steam within the first few hours of its release, and by staggering the multiplayer and campaign releases, “Halo Infinite” may have the most successful Halo launch to date.