Last Spartan Standing Developer Provides Life-Saving Advice

In “Halo Infinite’s” new Last Spartan Standing mode, a 343 Industries game designer has given fans helpful advice for staying alive.

Season 2 of “Halo Infinite” was released last week, bringing an additional story and new maps to the popular shooter. It also added a new game mode called Last Spartan Standing. This free-for-all elimination mode throws 12 players against each other, and while it’s not technically a battle royale game, it borrows significantly from Fortnite and Apex Legends principles.

Unlike regular Halo multiplayer, players begin each match with only five lives, and the stakes are raised even higher by a continually diminishing map. You will incur damage if you enter the Danger Zone. This region also allows you to respawn, which may seem a little unfair. However, one of Halo Infinite‘s” creators just provided a handy method that will help you be the last one remaining if you happen to get resurrected on the wrong side of the safe zone.

In a Tweet, 343 Industries’ multiplayer game designer Zach Boyce said that if you spawn in the Danger Zone, the damage you suffer from the zone is decreased by 75% until you enter the safe zone or cause damage to another player.

Boyce explains why he chose to spawn players in danger rather than limiting them to the map’s safe zone in a follow-up tweet. “I don’t want to put you in danger, but limiting spawns to the diminishing playing zone can give you a fish-in-barrel sensation – especially late in the game when it counts.” The studio tried this strategy, according to Boyce, but it resulted in “greater frowns.”

The Halo series’ newest installment has had a bumpy route to release, with “Halo Infinite” being delayed by a year because 343 wasn’t “proud” of it. According to sources, “Halo Infinite’s” multiplayer started out as an Overwatch clone, therefore the game’s PVP feature may have been drastically different.