How to join “Halo Infinite” Network Co-Op Test this week

Many gamers were disappointed when “Halo Infinite” was released last year without campaign co-op, a staple of the series since its inception. As 343 Industries has worked tirelessly to improve and expand “Halo Infinite” since its release, the game’s campaign will finally be playable online in the near future. In a way, yes.

343 Industries had previously stated that Halo Infinite‘s online co-op would begin testing during the week of July 11th. “Infinite“‘s Network Co-Op flight will feature campaign replayability as well. In order to “catch any networking issues that are specific to Campaign Co-Op,” 343 is using this network test. In the meantime, 343’s community director Brian Jarrard announced on Twitter that the team had found some bugs in the build, which may delay the co-op test. 343 is still on track to begin testing this week as planned.

The player’s save data from an existing Halo Infinite” file will not be used for this network test. There will be no carryover from the network test into the main game. Neither the retail version nor the test build will be harmed by the experiment.

“Halo Infinite”‘s network co-op requires only a few simple steps from the player:

  • Join the “Halo” Insiders’ Program list
  • To play the “Halo Infinite” campaign, you must own the game or have it included in your Game Pass subscription
  • Once the Network Co-Op flight is live, you’ll need to have the Xbox Insider app installed on your Xbox and choose to participate. In order to download the separate flight build, you’ll receive a Steam key from “Halo” Insider.

There you have it! Then it’s just a matter of downloading the flight and playing the game with some friends. For those who don’t want to play “Halo Infinite” online but still want their save progress to carry over, full campaign online co-op is expected to arrive in late August, so the wait won’t be too long. At a later date, the game will feature local co-op.

“Halo Infinite”, which is currently in the midst of its second lengthy season, has had a rough go of things. When “Infinite” launched in December without certain features that players had been clamoring for (like multiplayer), it was met with a barrage of criticism. Campaign co-op on the network as well as mission replay are the game’s biggest achievements thus far, with other key features like Forge set to arrive in the coming months to round out the game’s features.