“Halo Infinite’s” Developers Are Working On More “Serial Narrative Content” For The Live-Service Multiplayer Mode.

343 Industries, the developer of “Halo Infinite”, has released a number of job postings for roles connected to the game’s free-to-play multiplayer across multiple live-service efforts.

One of these is a monetization designer position, which was advertised in January 2022 and requires someone to build “new continuous experiences” for the game. This individual will assist with the development of the “next phases of “Halo Infinite’s” free-to-play experience,” which will involve monetization tactics.

“This position will be responsible for in-game initiatives aimed at increasing player engagement and long-term advancement, as well as a player-first shop and monetization strategy. This position will collaborate with our progression, marketing, business, and analytics teams, among others, to curate and comprehend our player data in order to guarantee that your ideas meet our studio’s objectives “According to the job post.

A job ad for a writing director was also placed in January 2022, and it begs for someone to join the team to generate “very unique and compelling serial narrative material” for Halo Infinite‘s” free-to-play multiplayer.

The job description states, “Work closely with the Halo franchise team to ensure Seasonal narrative material both utilizes current Halo history and provides exciting new chapters to the broader “Halo” tale.”

Like many other games, “Halo Infinite’s” free-to-play multiplayer follows a seasonal, live-service model, with new content released on a regular basis. Season 1 is currently in progress, and Season 2 is set to release later this year, bringing with it Forge and campaign co-op, among other things.

So yet, not everything 343 has done with “Halo Infinite’s” multiplayer has been positively received by fans. Players were particularly concerned with the cosmetic content price in the store. In response, 343 declared that all of its pricing will be reduced.