Future Event Challenges Will Be Easier To Complete In “Halo Infinite”

As part of its latest update, “Halo Infinite” has eased or deleted several of the game’s most difficult difficulties.

Following player feedback from the game’s Fracture: Tenrai event, developer 343 Industries has stated that future Event Challenges would be substantially faster.

The game’s most recent update included new Slayer-focused playlists as well as significant modifications to in-game challenges. “There’s a lot of work to do here to genuinely address player feedback around these systems,” 343 said, so for the time being, it’s worked to grease the wheels with new and easier tasks.

The weekly Ultimate Challenge, for example, has had its requirements decreased. Activity and mode-specific challenges, which frequently required users to jump across playlists while playing in oddly precise ways and saw many players quit as soon as they accomplished their challenge, have been altered or removed entirely.

In addition, general difficulties will surface more frequently, and five new sorts of playlist-specific problems will replace the more picky ones. These are the ones:

Personal Score – In order to complete the playlist, you must accumulate a personal score.

  • Kills – Achieve the required number of kills in a playlist.
  • Double Kills – In a specified playlist, earn double kills.
  • Complete Games – Play and finish all of the games on a playlist.
  • Win – In a given playlist, win games.

343’s outline also included event issues, with comments from the Tenrai event’s slow and even blocked progression prompting revisions. The studio claims that future events, including the upcoming Tenrai event on January 4, will provide more regular challenges, “removing gaps where a player would previously be trapped waiting.” Future events will also allow die-hard gamers to advance faster by allowing them to complete more challenges each week, decreasing event time-gating. “Events will often have a finite limit to the number of tasks available in a particular week – meaning it will take a few weeks to fully complete,” 343 says.