Following the Departure of Multiplayer Design Director, “Halo Infinite’s” Head of Design Departs

Jerry Hook, a senior executive at “Halo Infinite” creator 343 Industries, has departed the company. Today, May 25, the former head of design at 343 revealed that he is leaving not only 343 but also Microsoft and the Halo brand in general. It’s the studio’s latest big-name departure, though, considering the recent turmoil in the games business, that’s not necessarily a cause for fear.

“This journey has been filled with creating new worlds, platforms, and products from Xbox, Xbox Live to Halo,” Hook said.

Hook has been at Microsoft since 2003 when he worked on account services for Xbox Live on the Xbox 360. Later, he worked as an executive producer on games like Halo 4 and Halo 5. In 2015, he left Microsoft to join Bungie, where he worked on the Destiny game. Hook rejoined Microsoft in November 2018, first as an online design director and then as the live director for Halo Infinite. He was elevated to “Halo Infinite’s” chief of design in 2019, a post he maintained for over three years before departing this week.

“Most of all it has been working alongside some of the most passionate and driven people in the industry, that have impacted millions of players around the world,” he added.

Hook hasn’t said where he’ll go next or whether he’ll retire. GameSpot has reached out to Microsoft to inquire about how or if 343 plans to replace Hook as head of design.

He departs 343 Industries not long after Andrew Witts, the multiplayer designer for “Halo Infinite”, left to join Epic Games as a lead gameplay designer for Fortnite. Turnover is common and expected in any industry, and nothing we’ve seen or heard thus far suggests Halo Infinite is in any danger. Not only that, but we’ve also witnessed a lot of devs switching studios as organizations battle for the best talent.

“Halo Infinite” debuted in 2021 to positive reviews, but fans have been clamoring for more content to make the game’s multiplayer worth revisiting. 343 has acknowledged that fans are impatient, but for the time being, the team is purposely slowing down the release of updates.