A Datamine From “Halo Infinite” Reveals a Potential Battle Royale Mode

A recent “Halo Infinite” datamine leak suggests a new gameplay mode similar to battle royale. For quite some time, Halo fans have been seeking a battle royale mode for 343’s latest sci-fi FPS, to the point, even professional “Halo Infinite” gamers brought it up in the aftermath of yesterday’s strange release of a Halo-themed cookbook rather than any new “Halo Infinite” improvements. Due to the success of titles like Fortnite, which combines frantic combat with survival and base-building gameplay in an online skirmish to see who remains the last combatant or group standing, Battle Royale has become especially popular in multiplayer games.

A battle royale mode would be a perfect match for Halo‘s famed multiplayer, and reports have it that 343 Industries has been designing one for years, just as big-name fans like FaZe Clan members Nickmercs have been requesting one. Halo Infinite was set to release without a battle royale mode late last year, but recent reports claim that Xbox Games is working with longstanding Halo side content developer Certain Affinity on a battle royale mode for Halo Infinite as part of a future DLC expansion.

In a tweet by “Halo Infinite” Leaks & News, more proof of a probable battle royale mode for Halo Infinite has appeared. This post claims that a data mine revealed a soon-to-be-added gameplay option titled “Last Spartan Standing,” with the descriptive text “Every Spartan for oneself!” as reported by GamesRadar. To be the last Spartan standing, level up your loadout by gaining Personal Score.” This new game type may be spotted in “Halo Infinite’s” offline mode, according to a follow-up tweet by “Halo Infinite” Leaks & News, and some users have speculated that “Last Spartan Standing” could be offered as soon as May’s next “Halo Infinite” Season 2 multiplayer update wave.

While the single-player narrative and multiplayer gameplay in Halo Infinite were first praised by fans and critics for taking the long-running Halo brand in new directions, many believe that the game has become stale due to a lack of updates in recent months. Fan-favorite elements like Forge Mode and Campaign co-op were notoriously removed from “Halo Infinite’s” launch to allow for more polishing time, and 343 has stated that they won’t be reintroduced to the game anytime soon. Long-time Halo multiplayer announcer Jeff Steitzer, on the other hand, was finally added to “Halo Infinite’s” massive Big Team Battle game earlier this week.

Steitzer’s participation with “Halo Infinite” also gave fans another hint about a forthcoming battle royale game, as an audio sample from a pre-launch technical test saw him using the phrase “battle royale.” Given that its description references players designing their own loadouts to take on each other in a battle for survival, the recently-leaked “Last Spartan Standing” option looks like it could be “Halo Infinite’s” long-awaited battle royale feature. Nothing official about this new “Halo Infinite” game mode has been revealed yet, so fans looking for a Halo-themed battle royale experience will have to wait and see if it will be included in the “Halo Infinite” Season 2 content, which will be released in May.

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