“Gotham Knights” Villain Harley Quinn Is Confirmed In Boss Fight Gameplay

Harley Quinn will be one of the bad bosses in the superhero simulator “Gotham Knights,” according to a brand-new gameplay showcase. Following Batman’s demise, the open-world adventure follows Batgirl, Robin, Nightwing, and Red Hood as they battle to save Gotham. Harley Quinn and Clayface from the “Gotham Knights” were featured in a new Gamecom 2022 teaser, which also featured new boss fight footage.

Batman: Arkham Origins’ previous developer, WB Games Montreal, is currently working on Gotham Knights.” The game, which is set in a sizable virtual reproduction of Gotham City, will allow players pick between four different heroes as they patrol the area and take on various criminals. The theme of “Gotham Knights” will be Batman’s legacy, with both the heroes and the villains having a difficult time adjusting to life without him. The main antagonist in the game will be The Court of Owls, although other supervillains like Mr. Freeze and The Penguin will also make appearances in their own sidequests. The first 16 minutes of the “Gotham Knights” game were recently showcased by WB Games Montreal, and now even more villains have been revealed.

IGN uploaded a video of the Harley Quinn boss fight with the “Gotham Knights” to YouTube and shows Nightwing squaring off against the Clown Princess of Crime there. The battle ends Harley’s side mission, which involves pursuing the supervillain throughout the city and trying to deduce her nefarious strategy. With the dangerous harlequin originally confronting Nightwing alone while using acrobatic maneuvers, explosive ordinance, and her trademark mallet, Harley’s boss battle in “Gotham Knights” appears to be rather strong. Following this stage, Harley orders reinforcements, leaving Nightwing to fight both Harley and a small army of henchmen. The video ends before Harley is vanquished, implying that the murderous clown has more tricks on his sleeve.

Secret Batman villains in “Gotham Knights” promise to make the superhero game genuinely large, even though only a small number of rogues have been exposed. The Court of Owls, Mr. Freeze, Penguin, Clayface, and Harley Quinn are the only antagonists for the game who have been officially announced so far. This is a respectable cast, but the massive open-world game will undoubtedly feature a lot more supervillains now that Batman is absent. Keeping villains a secret is a terrific technique to create anticipation because Gotham’s rogues gallery is a big element of the success of the Batman franchise.

“Gotham Knights” is shaping up to be a genuinely rich Gotham City experience, even without the Dark Knight himself. Players should be able to arrange a wide range of original matchups with four playable characters and a list of villains to fight. Players should anticipate encountering Harley Quinn once “Gotham Knights” launches into action because she has gradually grown to be one of DC Comics’ most adored villains.

Harley Quinn and Clayface From “Gotham Knights” are Now Public, With a New Release Date of October 21