Gotham Knights’ First 16 Minutes of Gameplay Have Been Made Public

IGN debuted the first 16 minutes of the action role-playing game “Gotham Knights“, which will be released by Warner Bros. Games. Despite the fact that players will be able to select from four of Batman’s wards, including Nightwing, Red Hood, and Robin, the video highlights Batgirl.

The IGN video’s featured investigation scene serves as a sort of tutorial level, guiding the player through the fundamental mechanics and situations that will appear later in the game. The video only includes the first 16 minutes of gameplay, skipping over a prologue that focuses on the story, which Warner Bros. is keeping a secret for the time being.

The creative director of “Gotham Knights”, Patrick Redding, explains that, contrary to what may be customary in the RPG genre, players won’t be forced to begin as weaklings in an accompanying article on IGN. As “effective graduates of the Batman School of Crime Fighting,” each of the playable characters will have no trouble taking down your typical thug, according to Redding.

Each character becomes more distinct at the point where the RPG leveling components are put into use. Since they all received similar training, the starting moveset of all characters is largely comprised of “Batman stuff,” according to Redding. Each Knight will develop their own unique skills and strengths as the game goes on, fully expressing how they see a Dark Knight of Gotham City to be.