Canceled For PS4 and Xbox One: What Is The Future Of “Gotham Knights”?

The latest “Gotham Knights” teaser revealed a lot of new information, including the fact that the game will not be released on last-generation systems.

Despite prior promotional material implying a cross-gen release, the highly anticipated “Gotham Knights” will be exclusive to next-gen PlayStation and Xbox consoles, according to today’s gameplay clip. Due to rating board listings, the gaming community has hypothesized that “Gotham Knights” will be next-gen only in recent weeks, and it appears that this speculation proved right.

Warner Bros. Games debuted additional gameplay for Gotham Knights earlier today, adding to the game’s already a high buzz. The spotlight was on Nightwing and Red Hood, who demonstrated their traversal and combat techniques, which appear to offer a wide range of gaming options. More information about the game’s loot and cosmetics was revealed, including how some gear pieces and bonuses would work in-game. Aside from these gameplay details and some additional information about the “Gotham Knights” story, attendees got a preview of the graphically stunning Gotham City, which was fittingly cloaked in darkness and included plenty of reflecting surfaces. This graphical richness may be seen not only in the streets of Gotham City but also in the interior rooms, as seen in the teaser when visiting The Court of Owls in Gotham Knights.

These high-definition graphics, it turns out, have a cost. Following the conclusion of the Warner Bros. Games gameplay presentation, an October release date was announced, sharing screen space with the game’s platforms. The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are notable omissions from the list. This isn’t a miscalculation or a marketing ploy, as VG247 points out because the press release accompanying the teaser says that “Gotham Knights” will be exclusive to next-gen platforms “to give players with the finest possible gameplay experience.”

Many eager fans who have yet to obtain a next-generation console or high-end PC will undoubtedly be disappointed. There have been relatively few next-gen-exclusive games produced, and even fewer when it comes to high-profile, cross-platform releases. “Gotham Knights” appear to be the perfect Halloween game, so it’s a shame that many players will have to wait.

This action, on the other hand, was fairly anticipated. Despite hardware shortages, the Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5 have been out for nearly a year, and cross-generation development always comes to an end. As a result of the switch to next-gen-only, “Gotham Knights” should be as technically advanced and polished as possible.

This Week’s Gameplay For “Gotham Knights” Nightwing And Red Hood