Before Ragnarok, This God of War Tale Recap Is Crucial To Watch

“God of War Ragnarok’s” release is rapidly approaching, but it’s been a long four years since the original game’s release. Fortunately, Sony offers a number of helpful tale recaps to help you brush up on the sequel’s main points before it goes on sale.

Although the Myths of Midgard video recap is a little cheesy, it’s nevertheless a really entertaining way to have the story’s main points reiterated. Felicia Day, an actor, writer, and nerd star, narrates a rhymed storybook retelling of the game that include a cameo by Mimir and other cool added special effects. Even the wonderful images, which are softly animated in a sort of motion comic manner, are worth viewing.

The six-minute video covers all the major plot points, but not all of them are covered in detail. There is a lengthy post on the PlayStation Blog that details the plot in more detail.

As Fimbulwinter begins, Kratos and Atreus will continue their exploration of the nine worlds of Ragnarok as the titular apocalypse approaches. More information hasn’t been provided by the trailers, but we have already seen glimpses of characters like Tyr, Angrboda, and Thor who will undoubtedly play crucial roles in the plot.

We do know that there will probably be a significant change in the dialogue because a recently published book predicts that when we reach Ragnarok, Atreus will no longer be referred to as a “boy.”