Square Enix Has Postponed The Release Of “Forspoken”, Although It Will Still Be Released In 2022

“Forspoken” has been delayed by Luminous Productions and Square Enix due to a lack of polish, although the game will still be released in 2022.

“Forspoken” has been delayed from its May release date, according to developer Luminous Productions and publisher Square Enix, however the game will still be released in 2022. “Forspoken” is an upcoming action role-playing game about a real-life lady who is brought to the fictional continent of Athia, where she is the only one who can defeat a magical blight.

Frey, a New Yorker who is transferred to Athia during a period when there is only one human metropolis left, starring in Forspoken. The Break, a supernatural mist that turns people into monsters, has changed nearly every aspect of life on the planet. The Break has converted Athia’s native sorceresses, the Tanta, leaving the land without a protector. Frey is Athia’s final hope since she is resistant to the Break’s affects and is free to leave the last city and explore. Frey must discover the ancient secrets of Athia and utilize them against the creatures generated by the Break with the help of a set of magical fingernails and a sentient bracelet. On May 24, “Forspoken” was set to be released.

According to a statement on the official “Forspoken” Twitter account from the development team, the game has been formally postponed until October 11, 2022, a five-month delay. The reason for the delay, according to the developer, is that the game needs additional polish before it can be released. This means “Forspoken” will be closer to a holiday season release in 2022, which is still fairly devoid at the time of writing, with just Starfield and potentially the new mainline Pokémon games to look forward to.

The game’s delay isn’t entirely shocking, given that the “Forspoken” preview build presented in December had significant performance and slowness concerns, suggesting that it wouldn’t be ready in the next six months. It was evident that the game was well on its way to completion, but it could have used a little more time in the oven. With Chocobo GP, Babylon’s Fall, Triangle Strategy, Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin, and Chrono Cross: Radical Dreamers Edition, Square Enix has five big releases in the first half of the year, so it’s not like “Forspoken” needs to be pushed out the door to fill a hole in the schedule.

The visuals in the “Forspoken” videos are spectacular, and the fact that it isn’t a cross-gen title means that the creators aren’t constrained by the restrictions of the base PS4. Because achieving that degree of visual accuracy takes a significant amount of effort, a delay may be required. Because the first half of 2022 is already jam-packed with big titles, the creators should be able to spend as much time as they need to make “Forspoken” the greatest game it can be at launch, rather than feeling pressed to release something quickly.