More Information About “Forspoken’s” Story Is Released

“Forspoken”, the open-world action RPG that was previously known as Project Athia, is going to release a few more information about the story that will entice players to explore Athia through the eyes of protagonist Frey Holland.

“Forspoken’s” early marketing emphasized the game’s technical and visual accomplishments, with the PS5 and PC title serving as a showcase for AMD’s new FidelityFX Super Resolution technology and Microsoft’s DirectStorage on PC. Now, more information about the game’s plot and, in particular, its protagonist Frey Holland, is being disclosed.

We already knew that Forspoken‘s story will be inspired by the so-called isekai genre popularized by anime and Japanese video games, with protagonist Frey Holland being a New York City orphan forced into the bizarre magical world of Athia. Frey’s main companion in Athia will be a talking bracelet named Cuff, who will converse with Frey while she explores the game’s deadly open environment, according to previous game previews.

Based on a new element of the game that was shown off in a behind-the-scenes demo, a new feature from Game Informer has cobbled together further details on the plot. More plot content was incorporated in the demo, including an argument between Frey and Cuff in which it was revealed that the protagonist is considerably more interested in returning to her planet than in assisting the people of Athia. During this chat, Cuff also discloses that, despite growing up as an orphan, he knows something about Frey’s mother.

A conflict between Frey and Tanta Prav, one of the Tantas, strong sorceresses and previous rulers of Athia, is depicted in another scene in the demo. Frey wants a meeting with Tanta Prav in order to enlist her assistance in halting the apocalyptic Break that threatens the entirety of Athia. Tanta Prav also mentions a previous interaction Frey had with one of her fellow sorceresses before catching him in a floating ball of water in this scenario.

Another Game Informer piece delves deeper into Frey’s character and her path, as she emerges from a tumultuous past on the streets of New York, where it’s indicated she’s run afoul of the police. Frey’s only companion or family in New York is her cat Homer, who has become an instant fan favorite thanks to the game’s trailers and is also vital to Frey’s character, according to the game’s authors.

Frey’s biggest confrontations, according to writer Todd Stashwick, include: “A gang from Hell’s Kitchen. The legal system in New York. The Athia council. Tantas, the nefarious Tantas. Her own skepticism. There are strange monsters and a dragon in this story.” In summary, it appears like Luminous Productions is committed to making “Forspoken” a character-driven game that explores what challenges of both mundane and magical kind would do to protagonist Frey Holland.