“Forspoken” Has Postponed Its Release

It is a second time “Forspoken” has postponed its release, this time until January 2023.

On October 11, 2022, Square Enix was set to release their forthcoming action-RPG (after being delayed from May 23, 2022). But now that the game’s creator, Luminous Productions, has made the announcement, “Forspoken” won’t be available until January 24, 2023.

He announced on Twitter that: “As a result of ongoing discussions with key partners, we have made the strategic decision to move the launch date of Forspoken to January 24, 2023.”

By stating that “all game aspects are now complete, and production is in its final polishing phase,” it provided us with a brief glimpse inside the game’s development timeline. In addition to thanking fans for their support, the tweet said that we may anticipate hearing more about “Forspoken” “later this summer.”