Without Ever Attacking, “Elden Ring” Player Wins The Game

One “Elden Ring” player beat the game without dealing a single point of damage thanks to Spirt Ashes and a few other brilliant methods.

There are so many opponents in “Elden Ring” that want the Tarnished dead that it may seem absurd to suppose the game can be won without fighting back. However, one committed player put this to the test and demonstrated that it is possible to become Elden Lord without ever assaulting. Elden Ring is less stressful than previous FromSoftware games, according to the game’s director, Hidetaka Miyazaki, but it remains tough for many players, and gets even more so when certain limits are applied.

Fans of FromSoftware are no strangers to self-imposed challenges, which can range from simple to incredibly creative. These are frequently manifested in no-hit or no-death runs, occasionally both at the same time, but some people take things a step further by imposing limits outside of the game, such as using unconventional controllers or even being blinded. Now that the developer’s open-world game has been released for almost a month, the community is starting to do the same with achievements like conquering “Elden Ring” without taking any damage, among other things.

When YouTuber Iron Pineapple opted to take on “Elden Ring” without ever assaulting, they provided the next episode of a unique challenge. Spirit Ashes, a gameplay element unique to FromSoftware’s open-world game, is a big part of the strategy. Iron Pineapple demonstrated that this method is perfectly achievable by beating the game without delivering a single point of damage as the Tarnished, thanks to some creative exploits, gravity, healing spells, and weapon upgrades to enhance the use of the Mimic Tear Ashes. The following is a link to the video:

The list of unique “Elden Ring” achievements continues to increase, although it does not necessarily cover the entirety of the game. Some of these self-imposed challenges are limited to one-on-one bouts or boss fights. One player demonstrated this by defeating “Elden Ring”‘s Malenia at level 1, an incredible achievement since the Blade of Miquella is often regarded as the game’s most difficult boss.

If history is any indication, the “Elden Ring” neighborhood will face many more obstacles in the months ahead. The open-world structure of the game, however, distinguishes it from past FromSoftware products, allowing for new forms of self-imposed obstacles not seen previously in Souls-like games. With their ‘pacifist’ “Elden Ring” run, Iron Pineapple has already built the framework and set the bar for future inventive play-throughs.