Where To Find And Activate All Great Runes In The “Elden Ring”

You’ll find yourself in control of a Great Rune after beating a demigod, one of “Elden Ring’s” “major” bosses. These Great Runes are potent equippable objects with varying advantages based on the item. To use a Great Rune, you’ll need to equip it at a Site of Grace and use a rare consumable item called a Rune Arc. The Great Rune will remain active until you die or swap Great Runes after utilizing the Rune Arc. Before you can accomplish anything further, you must first activate the Great Runes by visiting the Divine Tower that corresponds to them. It’s a convoluted, purposefully ambiguous procedure, like so much in Elden Ring. Before we get started, keep in mind that this guide contains spoilers for the primary boss fights. The locations of each Divine Tower are listed below.

  • Godrick’s Great Rune
  • Great Rune of the Unborn
  • Radahn’s Great Rune
  • Morgott’s Great Rune
  • Rykard’s Great Rune
  • Mohg’s Great Rune
  • Malenia’s Great Rune

Godrick’s Great Rune

Starting from the Liftside Chamber, the path to the Divine Tower is southeast, towards the massive bridge.

The way to the Divine Tower leads southeast from the Liftside Chamber, towards the enormous bridge.

Godrick’s Great Rune can be obtained by beating Godrick, who can be found in Stormveil Castle’s heart. This will most likely be your first Great Rune in “Elden Ring”. To use Godrick’s Great Rune, you must first activate it by visiting the Divine Tower nearby.

The Limgrave Divine Tower, which is connected to Stormveil Castle by a vast bridge, is where Godrick’s Great Rune is triggered. Begin your journey at the Liftside Chamber Site of Grace in the castle’s northwest quarter. This will put you in front of the turrets and archers guarding the final gate leading to the main gate. Pass these archers and turn left along the walkway that leads to the main gate. It’s recommended that you just sprint through unless you want to clear off a lot of foes.

After passing through the gate on the left, you’ll come to a narrow road where crossbow-wielding adversaries fire explosive rounds at you. Continue sprinting. After passing through the next gate, look to your left for a grassy area that leads to a building. There is a lion adversary nearby, but it will not pursue you into the building. The Limgrave Tower Bridge Site of Grace can be found by going through the building and up the steps.

Head across the bridge until you find the teleport gate in the center of the path.

Head across the bridge until you find the teleport gate in the center of the path.

From here, you must cross the bridge in front of you, which is adorned with three gigantic golems. The first two have axes in their hands, while the third has a bow. A teleport gate is located behind the third one, and it will transport you to the Divine Tower’s front door. You can enter Limgrave’s Divine Tower from here. The door will only open if you have the Great Rune that hasn’t been triggered. Once inside, take the elevator to the top, walk through the open archway, activate the Site of Grace, and then take the steps to the top. The Great Rune should be floating above the corpse of two dead fingers on the top of the tower. When you interact with it, Godrick’s Great Rune is activated. Godrick’s Great Rune offers +5 to all qualities when activated.

Great Rune of the Unborn

After defeating Rennala, speak with her to respec your character, as long as you have a Larval Tear.

As long as you have a Larval Tear, speak with Rennala after beating her to respec your character.

For conquering Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon, the Great Rune of the Unborn is granted. Rennala can be found in Liurnia, at the Raya Lucaria Academy, which is in the heart of the lake. The Great Rune of the Unborn is unique in that it cannot be equipped and does not need to be revived like the others. The Great Rune of the Unborn, on the other hand, allows players to “perfect rebirth,” which is a fancy way of saying respec. As long as you have a Larval Tear, you can reassign your attribute points by speaking with Rennala in the Raya Lucaria Grand Library.

Radahn’s Great Rune

The Divine Tower of Caelid is where you can restore power to Radahn's Great Rune.

You can restore power to Radahn’s Great Rune at Caelid’s Divine Tower.

General Radahn, the shardbearer in Caelid, which is east of Limgrave, drops Radahn’s Great Rune. Navigating through Redmane Castle, which is located on a small island south of Caelid, will test Radahn. After obtaining Radahn’s Great Rune, travel to the Divine Tower of Caelid, which is located in the center of Caelid on the northern coast.

You’ll need to approach the Divine Tower from the south, with Dragonbarrow West being the nearest Site of Grace. When you get to the top of the tower, turn left and drop down onto the enormous tree branch. Follow the branch all the way to the top of the tower and leap down to the ground. Make your way to the ladder, which is currently blocked by an adversary. A second ladder will be directly in front of you at the top of the ladder. Do not pay attention to it. Instead, proceed to where an opponent is holding a torch in front of another ladder. To complete this, you’ll need to jump onto the stone arch and across the fractured pieces of it.

Head left after climbing the tower and platform across the stone arch that is part of the tower. A foe will be lurking around the right-hand corner. After you’ve dispatched them, proceed through another stone arch to another ladder. Head up the stairway and to the left, where a Site of Grace may be found on a balcony. Go ahead and enter the right corridor, which will lead you up a few flights of steps. You’ll ultimately find yourself in the elevator room.

When the elevator reaches the top, exit the building and proceed to the balcony outside, where you will find the Divine Tower’s stairwell. Radahn’s Great Rune can be found there, and it will now be triggered. Radhan’s Great Rune increases health by 15%, stamina by 12.5 percent, and FP by 12.5 percent while active.

Morgott’s Great Rune

The elevator that leads to the first of the two bridges is located within the red circle.

Within the red circle is the elevator that goes to the first of the two bridges.

The Great Rune of Morgott is earned by defeating Morgott, the Omen King. Morgott is located in Leyndell, Royal Capital, on the Altus Plateau. Morgott is fought at the “Elden” Throne, which is near the Erdtree in the city’s southeast corner. You must travel to the Divine Tower of East Altus after collecting Morgott’s Great Rune. You must first navigate to the elevator to the Forbidden Lands in order to reach the Divine Tower of East Altus.

You’ll want to return to ground level by visiting a Site of Grace on the city’s eastern outskirts. From there, proceed northeast until you reach a portion of town where there is a lot of dirt. Follow the path east until you reach a spiral stone stairway. There is an elevator at the top. Take the elevator to the top and continue straight until you reach another building with an elevator. Take the elevator up to the Site of Grace—a boss encounter awaits—and then take the elevator back down. Proceed to the opposite bridge and begin crossing.

Everything will turn black about halfway across the bridge, and you will have to confront the Fell Twins, a pair of twin bosses. One has a blazing ax, while the other has a flaming sword. Continue on to the Divine Tower after beating them. Outside the main door is a Site of Grace; enter, ride the elevator up, and continue to the top of the tower. The symbol on the roof will activate Morgott’s Great Rune if you interact with it. Morgott’s Great Rune raises your health stat by around 25%.

Rykard’s Great Rune

The Divine Tower of West Altus can be reached through the Sealed Tunnel.

Through the Sealed Tunnel, you can reach West Altus’ Divine Tower.

By defeating Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy, you can gain Rykard’s Great Rune. Rykard, who lives in Volcano Manor atop Mt. Gelmir in the western section of the Altus Plateau, can be reached in two ways. Players can find the Audience Pathway, which leads to the boss fight, by exploring Volcano Manor and working their way up and through the castle. Another alternative is to approach the residents of Volcano Manor and ask to join them. They will then hand you three letters, one after the other, instructing you to invade and kill NPCs in the Lands Between. Lady Tanith will offer you the option of being teleported to the Audience Pathway if you complete all three.

You must take Rykard’s Great Rune to the Divine Tower of West Altus after defeating him. The Sealed Tunnel, immediately beyond the capital city’s walls, leads to the Divine Tower, which is located south of Lyndell.

The first tunnel is hidden by an illusory wall, behind this chest.

Behind this chest, an artificial wall conceals the first tunnel.

To disclose the path, you must either attack or roll into the Sealed Tunnel, which is a mine with a succession of illusory walls that you must either assault or roll through. The first one may be discovered on the right side of the mine, under a chest, after entering the first area. After that, you’ll board an elevator that will carry you deeper into the mine. To go to the next false wall, walk forward and over a tree limb, then hit it and keep moving forward. After that, you’ll enter a room with a large tree branch running across it and a space beneath it. Although there are objects below, the best method to continue through the mine is to go through the tree branches to the left opening. If you do fall, there is a ladder to help you go back to the beginning of the room.

A staircase is blocked by tree branches via that entrance. Continue straight after stepping off the platform to the right. In this region, there are several stone cluster adversaries that will explode if you approach too close to them. A cliff edge with a bunch of tree branches down below may be found towards the end of the room. Make use of them to get to the bottom of the hole. You’ll arrive at the dungeon’s boss entrance after passing through the opening. Start swinging at the walls or checking for notes left by other players showing where the fake walls are if you are stuck at any time during the dungeon.

The Onyx Lord is the boss of the Sealed Tunnel. It’s a tall adversary with no armor who wields a big sword and uses gravity magic. This opponent can also be encountered as an elite mob in a few other areas. After fighting the Onyx Lord, return to the outside via the archway in the back of the boss room. The return dungeon’s entrance option should not be used.

As before, enter the Divine Tower and take the elevator to the top. When you reach the top, take the path to the top of the tower to activate Rykard’s Great Rune. Rykard’s Great Rune heals health whenever you kill an enemy while equipped and activated.

Mohg’s Great Rune

After defeating Mohg, Lord of Blood, in the Mohgwyn Dynasty Mausoleum, Mohg’s Great Rune is dropped. It’s a little difficult to find your way to Mohg. The good news is that Mohg’s Great Rune, like Morgott’s, is triggered at the Divine Tower of East Altus. The Divine Tower is shared by Mohg and Morogott because they are twins. When Mohg’s Great Rune is activated, summons receive a blood blessing. This means you get HP everytime a summon kills something, whether it’s a spirit ash summon or another player.

There are two methods to reach Mohg, who is located underneath Caelid in an underground location. The first is to complete the NPC questline of White-Faced Varre. Varre is first encountered at the beginning of the game, when he slams you for being maidenless. Following that, he can be located in the Rose Church in Liurnia, near the southwest corner of the lake. He’ll offer you some Festering Bloody Fingers if you go there. He will grant you the Lord of Blood’s favor item, which he wants soaked in the blood of a maiden, once you have invaded other players three times. The Church of Inhibition in Liurnia’s northeastern district is the nearest place to do so.

The Rose Church is where you can find Varre and complete his quest.

Varre may be found and his quest completed at the Rose Church.

Varre will give you a reusable Bloody Finger if you return to him. He will grant you the Pureblood Knight’s Medal if you speak with him again. This item will transport you to Mohg; but, if you use it early in the game, you will most certainly struggle to defeat Mohg, since he is a formidable foe.

After reaching the Grand Lift of Rold and utilizing the Secret Haligtree Medallion, the second option becomes accessible. The first half of the Medallion is handed by an NPC hiding in a pot in the Village of the Albinaurics. The second half can be found in Castle Sol, which is located in the northern part of the Mountaintops of the Giants’ eastern sector. It can be found after defeating Commander Niall, the castle’s boss.

Head to the Grand Lift of Rold with both halves and choose the option to use the secret medallion to travel to the western part of the Mountaintops of the Giants. Head to the middle region of the area, just north of the Yelough Anix Ruins, to find the western cliff.

The teleport gate to Mohg's location is located on the cliffs edge.

On the cliff’s edge is the teleport gate to Mohg’s location.

A teleport gate can be found here, which will transport you to the underground portion where Mohg may be found.

Malenia’s Great Rune

Right next to the Divine Bridge is the teleport gate that takes you to the Isolated Divine Tower.

The teleport gate to the Isolated Divine Tower is located right adjacent to the Divine Bridge.

After defeating Malenia, Blade of Miquella, you can obtain Malenia’s Great Rune. She can be located in the northernmost part of the map, near the Great Haligtree, precisely at the Haligtree Roots. After overcoming the problem in Ordina, Liturgical Town, a teleport gate leads to this region. After using the secret medallion at the Grand Lift of Rold, this can be found in the north.

You’ll need to travel to the Isolated Divine Tower after slaying the Malenia. This can be reached via the Divine Bridge in Leyndell, Ash’s Capital. If you haven’t visited the Divine Bridge yet, the quickest method to do so is to use a teleport trap chest at the top of the Weeping Peninsula’s Tower of Return.

The chest at the top of the Tower of Return will take you directly to the Divine Bridge.

The Divine Bridge can be reached directly from the chest at the top of the Tower of Return.

The Divine Bridge is directly accessible from that chest. From there, you can see a sleeping golem on the ground. A teleport gate to the left of the golem will take you right to the Isolated Divine Tower. Go inside, take the elevator to the top, then walk along the route until you reach the Divine Tower’s roof. Malenia’s Great Rune can be activated here.

By fighting adversaries, Malenia’s Great Rune allows players to regain health lost to damage. This window is short, and while it is active, the amount of HP regained from the Flask of Crimson Tears is lowered.