Where Can I Get The Axe Talisman From “Elden Ring”?

With this talisman, charged strikes are more damaging.

If you’re embarking on a trip across “Elden Ring”‘s vast open world, you’ll want to arm yourself with some powerful talismans that can help you overcome the game’s numerous enemies. The Axe Talisman is one of the greatest of these early-game artifacts, so we’ll show you how to get your hands on it in this brief guide.

Talisman Axe explains

When donned, the Axe Talisman improves your charged attacks, making it a great choice if you prefer to wind up your melee swings for maximum damage output.

The item description for the Axe Talisman reads:

A talisman depicting an axe and a warrior. Enhances charge attacks. The Lord who led the Long March bore an axe, and his loyal warriors honored him by wielding axes of their own, making them very effective at dealing decisive blows.

What is the location of the Axe Talisman?

Mistwood, in Eastern Limgrave, is home to the Axe Talisman. This location is accessible very soon after finishing the game’s tutorial, so if you’re looking for some increased charge attacks early on, this shouldn’t be an issue.

Mistwood Ruins

Ruins of Mistwood

On the map, go to the Mistwood Ruins, which are in the lower-left quadrant of the heavily-wooded region of Mistwood. You’ll uncover a pair of steps leading down to a cellar among these ruins. To get the Axe Talisman, follow them down and open the treasure container.