Where Can I Find The Erdtree Greatshield in “Elden Ring”?

In “Elden Ring,” choosing a shield for regular use might be challenging because each has unique strengths and disadvantages. However, the Erdtree Greatshield is what you need if you want to obtain one of the game’s most potent alternatives. This enormous greatshield has the fantastic skill and an excellent appearance, as well as offers lots of protection. This tutorial will explain where to look for it.

Explaining the Erdtree Greatshield

A greatshield that requires 30 Strength and 12 Faith to use is the Erdtree Greatshield. It possesses decent magical protections in addition to blocking 100% of physical harm. But most significantly, it has the skill Golden Retaliation, which makes it a fantastic choice for Faith builds because it allows you to parry a magical spell (given your timing is impeccable) and quickly respond with a burst of holy power for some severe damage.

The Erdtree Greatshield’s item description reads:

Weighty greatshield forged of gold carried by the order of Tree Sentinels, heavily equipped knights. Blessed by an old incantation of protection. The living rampart of the Erdtree, the Tree Sentinels are the standard to which all defenders of the Erdtree aspire.

Location of the Erdtree Greatshield

In Altus Plataeu, you can find the Edtree Greatshield by eliminating the Tree Sentinel pair. The two enormous portals that lead to the Outer Wall Phantom Grace are guarded by these two gigantic world rulers. It’s not a bad idea to skip them on Torrent and acquire the Site of Grace if this is your first time in the area.

You’ll discover that one of them is carrying a halberd and the other is wearing a torch when you decide to confront them. Bring a strong Spirit Summon with you to keep these guys busy, then attack one of them hard before moving on to the next. The torch-carrying sentinel can also be dispatched with arrows and magic from atop surrounding buildings, however, their unpredictable movements may still provide a problem for you.

Fortunately, a Tree Sentinel won’t return after he dies, so your subsequent battle will be simpler even if you only manage to take down one of them. You will receive the Erdtree Greatshield and a good number of runes after they are both dead.

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