This Mod Transforms “Elden Ring” Into a Survival Game By Adding Characteristics Like Hunger, Thirst, and Disease

Life in The Lands Between can be difficult, with terrifying enemies lurking around every turn. If you’re weary of your Tarnished dying in battle, you may now have them die of thirst, malnutrition, or sickness as well.

The “Elden Ring” Survival Mode mod (opens in a new tab) by modder Grimrukh adds a variety of survival mechanics to From Software’s latest game. Crafting will be crucial to your survival, as you’ll need to make tools to combat hunger, thirst, and even temperature changes. And, according to the mod’s description, “Torrent is also nerfed,” so don’t expect your horse to be much help in this dangerous environment.

To make matters worse, weapons can’t be obtained or purchased, so you’ll have to make your own if you don’t want to be stuck hitting adversaries with your fists. Various diseases are now prevalent in the Lands Between, which you can get at any time. Grimrukh released a video of the mod on Twitter, showing their Tarnished contracting the ‘Plague of Limgrave,’ which sounds far from pleasant. Traveling around Caelid is also considerably more difficult due to the intense heat, as shown in the footage.

Finally, because nighttime has become much darker, you should store up on carrots or invest in a nice torch. The Survival Mode mod is available to download right now on NexusMods if you think you’re up to the task.

In other Elden Ring news, after the death of its author Kentaro Miura last year, the manga that inspired both Dark Souls and “Elden Ring” is making a comeback. Kouji Mori, a close friend of Miura’s, will now lead Berserk.