The Strange Tutorial Hole That “Elden Ring” Created Is Now Much Easier To Discover.

Thanks to an obvious prompt, “Elden Ring”‘s instructional is now much easy to find.

It’s no secret that “Elden Ring” is a difficult game. While this is primarily due to its violent combat, the game’s esoteric nature also contributes to the difficulty. Many of the game’s features, including a tutorial that provides a rudimentary introduction to the world’s rules, are carefully hidden. If you’re not paying attention or aren’t used to FromSoftware’s tricks, you can miss this useful feature totally.

The newly Tarnished must take a leap of faith into a hole in the game’s initial segment to find Elden Ring‘s tutorial. Given that jumping into enormous pits isn’t the safest option, many people will definitely have rushed past the inconspicuous region, missing the tutorial entirely. However, in the game’s most recent patch, FromSoftware appears to have had a change of heart about “Elden Ring”‘s training section’s secrecy and has made its position more evident.

When approaching the hole where the tutorial is located, players are now greeted with the message “Jump down the hole ahead, and you will reach the Cave of Knowledge,” as discovered by Eurogamer.

“You may learn more about game controls and fundamental activities, as well as other useful hints for your adventures in the Lands Between,” says the website.

This will undoubtedly be most valuable to newcomers to From Software’s games, but it’s also a good introduction to the new features introduced in “Elden Ring” that long-time Souls fans won’t want to miss.

Patch 1.04 not only clarifies “Elden Ring”‘s lesson, but it also boosts Colossal Swords and dozens of spells, which will benefit those who use strength or magic-based builds.