The Sorceress Sellen of “Elden Ring” Is Unmasked, and She Reveals Herself To Be a Stunning Woman

The Limgrave-based trader, “Elden Ring” NPC Sorceress Sellen, is shown to be a beauty beneath the stone mask. Sorceress Sellen, like many other “Elden Ring” NPCs, has a questline that players will not want to miss. When she first meets the Tarnished, she sells her wares, Sorceries, in the Waypoint Ruins of Limgrave and refers to herself as the Graven Witch.

Those who choose to pursue sorcery under the guidance of Sorceress Sellen will have access to additional dialogue options. At Sellen’s suggestion, the Sorceress’ students will begin to seek out other masters of sorcery as time passes. Master Lusat, for example, is one of these characters. Needless to say, the Graven Witch-centric questline takes players on a fascinating adventure across the Lands Between, with a variety of interesting characters joining in at various points. Elden Ring‘s” Sorceress Sellen, on the other hand, manages to keep some secrets to herself – at least for a while.

Sorceress Sellen, like several other characters in “Elden Ring”, wears a stone mask whenever she is encountered in the open world or during her dedicated questline. However, dataminers like YouTuber Zullie the Witch have previously unmasked scores of NPCs. One such example is Sorceress Sellen. And, as Redditor FreddyKrum pointed out, the merchant is stunning when she isn’t hiding her face behind a mask. In the screenshot below, you can see Sellen’s surprisingly detailed face model:

The fact that developer FromSoftware set aside the time and resources necessary to fully construct face models for “Elden Ring” characters that only ever wear masks or hoods is perhaps the most intriguing aspect of such a find. It’s impossible to say what more mysteries the game may have hidden just out of reach. Perhaps some of the less friendly adversaries are also stunning under their disguises?

“Elden Ring” was released on PC, last-gen, and current-gen hardware over two months ago. It is, nevertheless, the talk of the town, with visitors flocking to the Lands Between’s cobblestone streets on a daily basis. Hackers and other content developers continue to examine the role-playing game, frequently uncovering cleverly hidden secrets that FromSoftware did not intend for players to find. For many years to come, eagle-eyed users, dataminers, and everyone in between will undoubtedly continue to find fresh details about “Elden Ring”.