The Ranni Witch Quest Guide For “Elden Ring”

There are a lot of interesting NPCs in “Elden Ring” who want you to perform them a favor or two. Usually, these favors are requested in cryptic riddles, leaving you perplexed as to what you’re intended to perform. The questline for Ranni the Witch in “Elden Ring” is one of the longer ones, with a few phrases that can be easily overlooked. This is how you get the Dark Moon Greatsword by completing Ranni the Witch’s quest path.

Ranni the Witch’s location

After returning to the Church of Elleh in Limgrave early in the game, where she gives them the Spirit Calling Bell, players will first encounter Ranni the Witch. Players won’t encounter her again until they get in Liurnia, where she may be found in Ranni’s Rise tower, the middle of the three, past Carnia Manor. Ranni is at the very top of the tower.

You must accept Ranni’s invitation to join her service. After that, go to the tower’s bottom floor and speak with her three lackeys. After then, you must speak with Ranni one more time before leaving the tower. Ranni requests that you locate the riches of Nokron, Eternal City, and return it to her. She’ll tell you to meet up with another of her associates and go underground to explore the Siofra Well. You won’t be able to enter Nokron, Eternal City unless you beat General Radhan, the shardbearer in Caelid. His fortress is located towards the southeast.

All of the stars Radhan was holding back will reappear in the sky once he is defeated, with one big one smashing into the Lands Between. It landed somewhere in Limgrave, according to the NPCs who remained after the Radhan conflict.

Eternal City of Nokron

The hole is south of the Mistwood Ruins in East Limgrave. A swarm of floating rocks can be seen if you look up into the sky. You can use those rocks as a guide because the entrance to Nokon, Eternal City is immediately below them. When you go to the hole, you’ll notice a slew of floating rocks leading deeper into it. Platform your way into the hole with Torrent. You’ll find yourself in some ruins, and if you continue a little further, you’ll be jumping across some gothic rooftops.

After navigating the roofs, you’ll arrive at a tiny plaza where you’ll find the Nokron Site of Grace. An archway that appears to go into a building may be found front and slightly to the right. Instead, there will be an alleyway leading to the edge of a precipice. As you approach it, you’ll notice a right-hand staircase. Continue forward until you reach an area that is blocked by boss fog. You’ll face the Mimic Tear boss here, who will imitate your current gear and weaponry. Taking off all of your equipment before entering and swiftly putting it back on after the mimic takes shape is a simple approach to defeat this boss. It will be left without armor or a weapon as a result of this.

After beating the Mimic Tear, a bridge leading north will appear in front of you. Continue down this bridge until you reach a grassy wooded area on your left. Head down and towards the left cliff wall, hugging the wall as you go. Eventually, an entryway with a Site of Grace will appear, leading to more gothic rooftops. You’ll need to climb up the side of a building to get a better view of the region. After fighting two more mimics that finally convert into generic opponents, you’ll arrive at an arch with a path below.

Drop to your left and enter the church-like structure. The Fingerslayer Blade, which is the item you’re hunting for, can be found in a chest.

The Ansel River

Return to Ranni’s Rise and talk to Ranni. She will tell you that your duty is finished and that she is going to take a nap. Ranni’s Rise, the first of the Three Sisters towers in this location, will be unlocked as a result of this. Ranni’s armor set, which includes the Snow Witch Hat, Robe, and Skirt, can be found within. A teleport gate is located at the top of the tower, and it will transport you to Ansel River Main, where you will find a Site of Grace directly in front of you. The Ranni the Witch doll is right next to it. Pick it up, sit at the Site of Grace for a while, and you’ll be able to communicate with the doll.

It will ignore you at first, but the doll will ultimately recognize you as Ranni, who was attempting to hide from some would-be assassins down in the Ansel River. You’ll have to track down and defeat these assassins. From here, follow the river to the south. You’ll soon arrive at the Uhl Palace Ruins, where you’ll find a little river tunnel. Proceed until you enter a tunnel filled with flying giant ants. More gothic structures can be found on the right side of the street. You’ll find the Nokstella, Eternal City Site of Grace, through the door on the left.

A set of stairs will be on your left, and a ground-level path will be on your right. Follow the river on the ground-level walkway on the right until you reach a small building on the left with an elevator. Take the elevator down to the Nokstella Waterfall Basin Site of Grace, which is just in front of you. A cave will appear directly in front of you, leading directly to the invasion fight you must complete. A group of lizards within the cave inflict the death status effect, which kills you instantaneously if the meter fills. If you sprint past them, you’ll enter a red-tinged area where you’ll discover the Baleful Shadow, who resembles another NPC named Blaidd but isn’t him.

Ranni will offer you the Discarded Palace Key if you defeat the Baleful Shadow. From here, take the elevator down to the Lake of Rot Shoreside Site of Grace, which is located in the southeast corner of this region. We’ll need to come back later, so activate this. Fast transit to the Raya Lucaria Grand Library from here. The Rennala boss fight took place here, in the academy in the Liurnia lake’s center. A lockable chest can be found to the left of the Site of Grace. This chest is opened with the Discarded Palace Key, and within is the Dark Moon Ring, which we will need later. Return to the Lake of Rot in a hurry.

The Rot Lake

Return to the Lake of Rot and go down to the water’s edge. You’re attempting to reach a building to the south from here. You won’t be able to utilize Torrent here, so you’ll have to rely on either Preserving Boluses or a large amount of Crimson Flasks to keep your health up. Between you and the building, there are a few pressure plates that pull up platforms on which you can stand, but not enough to establish a complete bridge. Once you arrive inside the building, there is a Site of Grace, so don’t worry about using all of your flasks trying to cross the lake.

The Grand Cloister is a structure full of bug warriors, the kind that is common in Caelid. You must descend to ground level, where you will find a little red river flowing west. Follow this for a short distance until you come across a stone coffin on the edge of a waterfall. You will be prompted to enter the coffin, which is how you will progress to the next region.

You’ll find yourself in a new underground lake region, although this one doesn’t have scarlet rot and instead has standard water. Continue forward to encounter a boss fight. Astel, Naturalborn of the Void, a space scorpion-like creature, will be your opponent here. The Dark Moon Ring will open a sealed entrance at the back of the arena when the boss has been defeated. Follow the cave’s course until you find an elevator, then take the elevator to the top.

Altar of the Moonlight

You’ll emerge on a high plateau in the Liurnia region that can’t be reached any other way. You want to proceed north up the hill into the Cathedral of Manus Celes from where you exit. The route is straightforward, but you should take Torrent. A Glintstone Dragon boss will spawn just in front of the cathedral as you are about to enter it. If you’re riding on Torrent, you can ride past the dragon inside to a Site of Grace. A tunnel leads beneath the cathedral to the right of that. You’ll need a torch or lantern because it’s quite dark. You must descend down the hole by stepping onto several ledges that lead downward.

Continue along the caverns’ trail until you find Ranni’s genuine body in one of them. You’ll place the Dark Moon Ring on her hand and swear fealty to her here. She will tell you to continue your quest to become the Elden Lord, and that you and she will rule together when the time comes.

You’ll find the Dark Moon Greatsword when she vanishes, a formidable magic greatsword that demands 38 intelligence to wield.