The New “Elden Ring” 1.05 Benefits Make Choosing a Sacred Flask Much More Crucial

“Elden Ring” update 1.05 was released earlier today, focusing on bug repairs while also introducing a few major gameplay adjustments.

Today, June 13, FromSoftware informed us that internet servers would be down for maintenance. The “Elden Ring” update 1.05 patch notes have been released as a result of that maintenance.

The majority of those patch notes are devoted to bug fixes rather than gameplay, but there are a few changes worth noting, especially if you’re replaying The Lands Between in New Game+. Bell Bearing things you present the Twin Maiden Husk will “keep their emancipated state in NG+” if you’re perusing their products. The things were previously not kept on subsequent playthroughs.

FromSoft also claims to have “emphasized the choice of the Sacred Flash and various other options that can be reinforced in the grace menu,” though it’s unclear how those modifications were accomplished. Finally, the patch adds a sound effect when another player uses a summon sign, giving you a clearer feeling of what’s going on around you during co-op.

Several of the bug patches are for skills that aren’t working as they should, and others are for bosses like Malenia, Radahn, and God-Devouring Serpent. Others address issues such as specific grace locations not showing up on your map, audio issues, and improved online stability between PS4 and PS5. Update 1.05 also improves loading times on the Xbox Series X, which should please Xbox players.

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