The Leaked Coliseum Area in “Elden Ring” Could Mean Multiplayer DLC

The leaked coliseum location in “Elden Ring” might indicate multiplayer DLC that adds arena-style fighting to the action RPG’s previously existent PvP elements.

“Elden Ring‘s leaked coliseum section might indicate that a multiplayer DLC is on the way, pitting players against one another in arena-style combat. The Souls-like RPG by FromSoftware was released less than two weeks ago, yet it has already been a critical and financial hit. Despite a few technical glitches with the game’s PC version, Elden Ring became Steam’s sixth-highest player count of all time, with roughly a million players in a 24-hour period.

One of “Elden Ring‘s strongest aspects, according to some, is its multiplayer system, which allows players to work together against difficult adversaries. The adventure revolves around summoning, in which players utilize a Tarnished’s Furled Finger or Furled Finger Remedy to call allies into the Lands Between with them. Although it has been recommended that FromSoftware include shared co-op saves to allow players to make equal progress during gaming, the system allows players to travel through portions of “Elden Ring as a team. It was also mentioned that co-op encounters are frequently too brief, requiring players to summon partners repeatedly after killing certain foes. “Elden Ring‘s multiplayer might be improved in a variety of ways, however FromSoftware may already be working on more online features.

“Elden Ring has an out-of-bound coliseum section, according to famed Dark Souls modder Lance McDonald (via DualShockers), which might suggest multiplayer DLC in the future. McDonald recorded the inaccessible arena and uploaded it on his YouTube account. The camera goes through a wall into darkness for a few seconds in the film before emerging through the coliseum’s gates, finally displaying the huge arena and stadium-style seats. McDonald claimed on Twitter that ““Elden Ring will definitely receive a multiplayer arena DLC some time in the future,” however it should be noted that this is only conjecture at this point, as FromSoftware has yet to comment on the leaked out-of-bounds coliseum.

Multiplayer features in “Elden Ring currently unite players in a single game universe. The invasion feature in “Elden Ring allows players to use the Bloody Finger to invade another player’s online gaming environment. This only works if a player has let invaders into their game, which requires them to opt-in to the PvP components. Invaders can be summoned for a competitive 1v1 match or can be used to violently interrupt a game if a player has already recruited a co-op partner. Through Martyr Effigies, or Y-shaped monuments that may be interacted with to call comrades, “Elden Ring also allows players to join forces to tackle dangerous foes together. Both the PvP and cooperative modes in “Elden Ring provide in-depth multiplayer experiences, but an arena-style game mode might provide more streamlined PvP warfare.

“Elden Ring‘s PvP might have a ranked component that pits characters of equivalent strength against each other in 1v1 encounters. Team-based combat, similar to that found in other medieval-era games, might be incorporated into the arena, pitting allies against one another. The future of “Elden Ring is still unknown, but considering the swift success of FromSoftware’s most recent release, it’s safe to assume that work on the action RPG will continue.