Spiritcaller Snail, “Elden Ring’s” Weakest Boss, Has a Deadly Grab Attack

Despite the fact that the Spiritcaller Snail looks to be the weakest of “Elden Ring’s” boss characters, one player discovered the monster has a devastating grab strike. From the spooky Godskin Duo and Godfrey, the First Elden Lord to the monster that is Starscourge Radahn and Malenia, Blade of Miquella, “Elden Ring’s” most tough bosses come in various kinds and sizes.

However, not every meeting of this sort is insurmountably difficult to overcome. As previously said, many players have found the Spiritcaller Snail to be a relatively easy foe to defeat. This optional boss may be found twice in the game: first in the Road’s End Catacombs and again in Spiritcaller’s Cave. When the Spiritcaller Snail summons the support of other spirits, who are merely a distraction, the Spiritcaller Snail becomes even more dangerous. As a result, it’s ideal if Elden Ring players concentrate on tracking down and fighting the Spiritcaller. However, it appears that this seemingly easy strategy can be lethal.

Reddit user Psychadelico (via GamesRadar) took a break from fighting the Spiritcaller Snail boss in “Elden Ring” to gulp a Flask of Crimson Tears. This turned out to be the most inconvenient time to use a health potion. The Spiritcaller leapt into the air, latching on to the Tarnished and killing them in a matter of seconds. In their post, the Reddit user inquired, “Did you know Spiritcaller Snail has a grab attack?” One of the most popular comments is that they were completely unaware that the beast had attacked. The Spiritcaller Snail, on the other hand, does not mess about, especially if a player lets their guard down. In the video below, you can see the snail boss’s fatal grasp attack:

Let this serve as a warning to all: the power of a seemingly harmless ghost snail should not be underestimated. And, given the Spiritcaller Snail’s grab attack has astonished so many people, one question remains: how many more tricks does this weird “Elden Ring” boss have up its sleeve? If there are more, someone will undoubtedly learn the hard way in the not-too-distant future.

Despite the fact that the game was released about two months ago for PC and consoles, people are still discovering secrets in the Lands Between. This is especially true in the case of dataminers, who have uncovered facts concerning cut content in large numbers. Garden of Eyes, a YouTube channel, discovered evidence of disused PvP arenas concealed in coliseums, for example. Zullie the Witch, a YouTuber, recently managed to reveal the faces of several NPCs that normally wear masks or hoods.

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