“Elden Ring” Removes the Illusionary Wall That Requires 50 Hits

According to YouTuber Zullie the Witch, FromSoftware has fixed the fake “Elden Ring” wall, which previously required 50 hits to break through. After someone went nuts on a stone wall in Volcano Manor, players came across the 50-hit illusion wall in “Elden Ring” approximately a month ago. What struck me the most was the lack of true value in the concealed entrance. It also didn’t work as a time saver. The well-hidden entrance led to an area filled with cultish NPCs, which players can visit whenever they want after joining Volcano Manor.

Whatever was behind the secret wall in question, Elden Ring users became suspicious, wondering what other phony walls would require an excessive number of strikes before disclosing hidden places. However, Zullie the Witch solved the puzzle, subsequently teaching fellow Tarnished that the 50-hit wall didn’t require dozens of strikes. Instead, the 50-hit hidden door had to lose a set number of health points before it buckled, similar to “Elden Ring’s” other illusory walls – this one had 9,999HP. To put it another way, the Volcano Manor illusion was nothing more than a bug.

Patch 1.04, “Elden Ring’s” most recent update, recently went live across all platforms, bringing with it a slew of bug fixes and balancing tweaks. However, one notable fix was left out of the patch notes: the 50-hit phantom wall is no longer present. YouTuber Zullie the Witch (via Eurogamer) put the infamous location in Volcano Manor to the test and discovered that no matter how many strikes it takes, the fake wall no longer crumbles. As a result, if a wall does not dissolve after a single strike, players can assume it is real. In the video below, Zullie the Witch puts “Elden Ring’s” Volcano Manor illusion to the test:

“Elden Ring” devotees can hopefully rest a little easier now that the false wall bug has been fixed. Other game-changing changes are included in Patch 1.04, with Colossal weapons receiving significant increases to attack damage, recovery time, and speed. Patches’ questline has also been pinned in the current version, which users can enjoy when they run into him again in Murkwater Cave.

“Elden Ring” was widely praised when it was released earlier this year on PC, last-gen, and current-gen consoles. It was praised for its innovative approach to open-world game design in particular. Of course, “Elden Ring’s” fantastic lore drew a lot of praise in and of itself. It’s no surprise, then, that FromSoftware and publisher Bandai Namco want to take the IP beyond gaming.