Release Times, Preload, and File Size Explained for “Elden Ring”

The long-awaited collaboration between Dark Souls creator FromSoftware and Game of Thrones author George R. R. Martin, “Elden Ring”, is almost here. With just over a week until Elden Ring‘s” release, here’s all you need to know about the game’s release date, file size, and preload information.

When Will The “Elden Ring” Be Released?

On February 25, “Elden Ring” will be released for PC, Xbox Series X|S, PS5, and PS4 for the first time. In all time zones, the console will be released at midnight, 00:00 AM. Because the game will be released at the same time in all time zones, some players will be able to get their hands on “Elden Ring” up to 24 hours before others, so be wary of spoilers once the release window opens. It is yet unknown whether the PC version of the game will be released at the same time as the console version.

Preloading the “Elden Ring”

“Elden Ring” can be preloaded for all gamers who pre-order the game ahead of time, allowing them to have it downloaded and ready to play as soon as it is published.

Xbox players can now preload their games. Anyone who pre-ordered “Elden Ring” on Xbox may now start downloading it from the Xbox shop on their Xbox X, S, or One. Players who purchase a physical copy of the game can also pre-load it via the Xbox App on their mobile devices. It’s unclear if this preload file includes a day one patch right now.

A preload date for PlayStation consoles and PC has yet to be revealed.

“Elden Ring” File Dimensions

“Elden Ring” is said to take roughly 30 hours to complete, yet its file size is remarkably little when compared to other AAA games. The file size for Xbox systems is 49.04 GB, though this may increase if a separate day one patch is required.

According to the Twitter account PlayStation Game Size, the file size for PS4 is 44.929 GB, albeit this likely does not include a day one patch.

The PC version of the game has yet to be confirmed in terms of file size, while the recently revealed PC requirements for “Elden Ring” state that gamers must have at least 60GB of free space.