Post Malone With the Music Turned Off Can Only Play “Elden Ring”

Artist Post Malone recently spoke about his intense time with “Elden Ring” and how he plays the game with the music turned off because of some of the sentiments it produces when questioned about how essential music is to an overall gaming experience. FromSoftware’s open-world installment swept the world by storm after its February release, getting a lot of accolades from critics and fans alike. When the game is played in its entirety, even Elon Musk has lauded “Elden Ring” as the most beautiful art he has ever seen.

Many of the mechanics that made Dark Souls, Bloodborne, and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice so successful are used in FromSoftware’s highly regarded RPG title. A purposeful sensation of powerlessness for the player is created by a combination of overwhelming yet attractive scenario design, severe combat engagements, and sparse usage of music. This is broken up by abrupt changes that signal major in-game events, the most noteworthy of which is when the music starts playing during boss bouts. Unlike other FromSoftware games, this one has ambient music throughout most of the environment, but when a player confronts one of Elden Ring‘s” many difficult bosses, the tracks become genuinely epic.

These music queues, on the other hand, can be a little too powerful for Elden Ring player Post Malone. According to ComicBook, in a recent Hot Ones interview, the artist confessed that he plays FromSoftware’s latest game with the music turned off. These passionate interactions create such a strong reaction in the rapper that he finds himself shaking and needs time to decompress afterward. Post Malone elaborated:

“There has been times in [Elden Ring] – I turn the music all the way off because it is insane. It’s literally like choirs, not of angels, [but] of demons. And they’re like, ‘We’re going to f*** you up.’ There’s no way you live…And after a fight, I’m like shaking like this so I have to walk outside and smoke and I’m like, ‘I have to decompress.'”

The fact that “Elden Ring’s” design is still being discussed in many circles so long after its introduction is a testimonial to its quality. Hundreds of hours have been spent by fans from all walks of life exploring every corner of the Lands Between. “Elden Ring” player and WWE superstar Randy Orton, for example, claimed at the end of April that their in-game level was well over 500.

“Elden Ring” was already being hailed as one of the greatest games ever developed just a few weeks after its release by several fans and journalists. While there were many factors that could support that claim at the time, it was still too early to make such a claim, and it is still too near to the game’s launch to accurately assess its total influence. However, if this kind of praise continues throughout the rest of 2022, “Elden Ring” might very well become the classic that so many people are already hailing it as.