Players are already slaying bosses with fall damage in Elden Ring

Although Elden Ring is still a few months away, users have already discovered how to cheese monsters by knocking them off ledges thanks to a recent network test.

Elden Ring enthusiasts wasted little time in pushing the boundaries of level design, gravity, and boss behavior, as our pals at PC Gamer noted. Professional Ease765, a Reddit user, managed to entice the dragon Agheel, who is generally fought in a swamp (and preferably on horseback, as per our guide to Elden Ring monsters), up and off a nearby ledge, one-shotting the dragon. They weren’t the only ones: Redditor Survivalhorrorz managed to pull off a similar accomplishment by accident.

This one is unusually low and sluggish for a lethal fall. For screaming out loud, this would be three steps on a dragon-sized stairway. Plus, as we mentioned in our Elden Ring hands-on preview, fall damage is forgiving compared to past FromSoftware games, but not for dragons — maybe a trade-off for the ability to fly.

In the network test, Agheel wasn’t the only one who suffered from fall damage. Margit the Fell, the test’s final boss, ironically fell off the entire level and died quickly, according to Reddit user G4GamingYT. Margit is a boss that leaps around a lot, but he’s always careful where he lands, as everyone who has faced her can attest. Almost always, to be precise.


Elden Ring enthusiasts have also defeated bosses using methods other than fall damage. This is the fans that killed Demon’s Souls bosses without ever passing past the boss fog walls. In a world as big as Elden Ring’s, you can bet they’ll devise some degenerate techniques. Indeed, one player captured an egregiously unfair fight with the Tree Sentinel boss, who ordinarily mows you down on horseback but can’t seem to overcome the power of a three-foot rock. You can comfortably plink away at this horseman with magic or ranged weapon abilities if you entice him to any form of elevated terrain. Buddy, maybe get a longer halberd next time.