“Elden Ring’s” Tutorial Is Available At Anytime

Players will be able to access “Elden Ring’s” pop-up tutorials at any time, unlike in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Sekiro’s pop-up lessons were fairly comprehensive, providing information on mobility options, numerous attacks, menu navigation, items, upgrades, and other topics. However, one component

Ubisoft Styled Towers For “Elden Ring” Video Game

“Elden Ring”, developer FromSoftware introduces the Watchtower, a structure that works similarly to towers in Ubisoft titles and allows players to spot and record locations of interest. With Assassin’s Creed’s synchronized perspectives, towers, and other forms of lofty buildings that players climb

Why Fans Shouldn’t Worry About “Elden Ring” Game Delay?

“Elden Ring”, the next fantasy action RPG from FromSoftware, has been a long time coming. “Elden Ring” has sparked a lot of buzz since its announcement, thanks to FromSoftware’s long history of high-quality roleplaying games and its association with famed novelist George

Information That We Gathered About “Elden Ring” Video Game

For years, we’ve been anticipating the release of this dark fantasy collaboration between From Software and George R.R. Martin. This open-world edition of the From Software action-RPG game now has information and release date. “Elden Ring“ is a brilliant combination of elements

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