Only Around Half Of All “Elden Ring” PC Players Have Defeated The Game’s First Big Boss

“Elden Ring’s” initial boss is causing issues, particularly for PC players.

“Elden Ring” is quickly becoming From Software’s most successful title. Despite the fact that a record number of Tarnished have taken up arms in The Lands Between, over half of the game’s PC players have yet to defeat the game’s first big monster.

From Software games are well-known for challenging players against extraordinarily difficult opponents. According to TechRadar, the Steam accomplishments list indicates that Godrick, the game’s first fully-fledged boss encounter, is proving to be a big hurdle for Elden Ring‘s” PC gamers, with just 55% succeeding against him thus far. PlayStation enthusiasts fare marginally better, with 64 percent presently triumphing over the dangerous opponent.

The game’s commercial success might play a role in this. “Elden Ring” is regarded more approachable than previous From Software releases such as Dark Souls and Sekiro, but it still presents a hard challenge, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the Soulsbourne gameplay. With even common adversaries posing a genuine threat to the uninitiated, the figures may represent newbies’ struggles as they learn the From Software formula.

Also, with so much to see in “Elden Ring’s” enormous open-world, players may want to take their time exploring the sights and discovering all of the game’s places, objects, and secrets rather than racing directly to the boss. This interactive “Elden Ring” map demonstrates how much there is to learn about The Lands Between.