Night’s Cavalry By “Elden Ring” May Be Easily Defeated In The Most Ingenious Of Ways

The Night’s Cavalry, one of the optional bosses available in “Elden Ring’s” open world, was easily beaten by one player in the stupidest way possible.

The Night’s Cavalry, one of “Elden Ring’s” optional foes, may be easily vanquished in the most ridiculous fashion. Defeating foes in “Elden Ring”, like past FromSoftware games, may be exceptionally difficult, and players will occasionally try to outsmart monsters. One player even found a method to slay one of the Elden Ring bosses in a single hit, demonstrating the potential of employing magic in the game.

FromSoftware’s latest game, Dark Souls III, was released less than two weeks ago, yet some players have already completed most, if not all, of the game’s content, resulting in a plethora of unique experiences. Some players have devised ingenious and innovative strategies to fight the game’s bosses, while others have found themselves in utterly unexpected and often funny circumstances, such as dying to the game’s many creatures at random. Some players have even found fascinating allusions to other games, such as “Elden Ring’s” Berserk Easter egg.

On the “Elden Ring” topic, Redditor YMabDaroganCont (via GameRant) posted a video showing how they effortlessly defeated one of the Night’s Cavalry. According to the video, YMabDaroganCont was fighting the Night’s Cavalry at Limgrave, which is located on the north side of Agheel Lake. The brief battle begins with them attempting to attack the monster with a few spells while evading them on horseback before sliding off the edge of the bridge accidently. Fortunately, the little ledge provided by the bridge’s arches saves YMabDaroganCont. The Night’s Cavalry, on the other hand, cannot say the same, as it tries to follow the player but falls to its death. For defeating the enemy, YMabDaroganCont earned the “Enemy Felled” message and the 2,400 Rune reward.

Players will get one of “Elden Ring’s” Ashes of War if they defeat the set of optional bosses that may be found in various locations around the Lands Between. Each member of the Night’s Cavalry loses a varying number of Runes and treasure, with some of them additionally dropping their glaive, morningstar, or armor set. The Night’s Cavalry can only be faced at night, therefore players will have to wait until that time.

Even while the Night’s Cavalry aren’t as difficult to beat as some of the other foes in “Elden Ring”, it’s nevertheless entertaining to be able to dispatch them without much effort. While YMabDaroganCont’s experience was unintentional, it’s possible that other players have used a similar approach on purpose to make the encounter move considerably faster.