New Screenshots Are Revealed For “Elden Ring” Game

Earlier this week, Bandai Namco and FromSoftware announced that the “Elden Ring” would be postponed from its original January 2022 release date. Instead, the highly-anticipated action game will be released at the end of February, nearly one month later. While this revelation was frustrating in and of itself for some fans, FromSoftware has tried to make up for it by revealing a few additional glimpses at “Elden Ring” in the meantime.

The official Elden Ring social media account has been promoting a few new glimpses at the game in the form of new screenshots over the last several days. The first of these new photos, which you can see below, features a variety of heroes battling an ax-wielding behemoth of some sort. Fans were also asked to sign up for “Elden Ring’s” next Network Test in the tweet that shared this image. If you’re unfamiliar with the term, it refers to a timed beta that will allow FromSoftware to test various features of the game prior to its release next year.

The tone of the second image displayed was drastically different. Rather than showcasing any of “Elden Ring’s” battle sequences, the screenshot highlighted some of the game’s more tranquil moments. The player character is gathered around a luminous object of some type in this screenshot. Next to the player is Melina, a character who appears to play a significant role in “Elden Ring”. According to the trailers thus far, Melina will act as a type of guide throughout “Elden Ring”, assisting the player in various ways.

“Elden Ring”, in case you haven’t heard, is set to hit theaters on February 25th of next year. When it finally hits shop shelves in 2022, it will be available on all PlayStation, Xbox, and PC platforms.