Locations Of “Elden Ring’s” Golden Seed And Sacred Tear

“Elden Ring” is a fictional character created by “Elden Ring” Sacred Tears and Golden Seeds are two of the most valuable things in the game. These are the goods you’ll need to upgrade your Flasks of Crimson and Cerulean Tears, and as you’d expect from such important items, they don’t grow on trees—sort of. Golden Seeds officially grow on saplings, although they’re commonly found in remote locations or among other types of obstacles. Sacred Tears are less random and may be discovered in churches, however getting to some of these abandoned sacred locations might be more challenging than looking for Seeds.

Locations of the Golden Seed of “Elden Ring”

Golden Seeds may nearly always be found on miniature luminous Erdtree seedlings, which can be found all around The Lands Between. At least two or three may be found in almost every location. For the first five upgrades or so, you’ll need one Golden Seed to add a fresh charge to your Flasks. The Flasks must then be enhanced, which requires at least two Golden Seeds.

These are the Golden Seeds we’ve discovered so far, and we’ll keep adding to the list as we discover more.

Golden Limgrave Seeds:

  • Choosing one to begin with Keepsake
  • In the vicinity of the Stormhill Road
  • Roderika will give it to you if you complete her Stormhill Shack side quest, or you will find it in the Shack after Roderika has left for the Hold.
  • Between Stormveil Castle’s Liftside and Grace’s Secluded Cell Site
  • Ulcerated Tree Spirit dropped it under Stormveil Castle.
  • North of the Bridge of Sacrifice, in front of Fort Haight.
  • The grave of a fringefolk hero, near the Ulcerated Tree Spirit
  • Close the platform with the candelabra, near the Siofria River. Cross the gap via the thin stone bridge, but be aware of archers along the route.


Golden Liurnia Seeds:

  • Grace Town Site is located northwest of the Academy Gate.
  • Outside the Upper Manor Level Site of Grace, Caria Manor
  • The Raya Lucaria Academy is located near Grace’s Debate Parlor.
  • On the route to the Grand Lift, near Bellum Church


Golden Seeds of the Altus Plateau:

  • Erdtree Gazing Hill is located to the northeast of Erdtree Gazing Hill.
  • Grace is located north of the Altus Highway Junction.
  • Windmill Village is located to the south.
  • The Outerwall Phantom Tree and the Outerwall Battleground Sites of Grace are located between the Outerwall Phantom Tree and the Outerwall Battleground Sites of Grace.

Golden Caelid Seeds:

  • Near the gates of Sellia Town of Sorcery
  • East of the Dragon Communion Cathedral
  • Fragment of a map in southern Caelid
  • Aeonia Swamp is located south of the Aeonia Swamp.


Golden Seeds of Lyendell Royal Capital:

  • Near the Phantom Tree, there is an outside wall (there are two Seeds)
  • After you’ve defeated the Erdtree boss, you can move on to the next level.
  • Near the West Capital Rampart, past the Gargoyle boss


Golden Seeds of Mt Gelmire:

  • On the Way to Volcano Manor, on the Road of Iniquity
  • Near the Grace Site of Seethewater and the Seethewater Terminal


Golden Seeds from the Giants’ Mountaintop:

  • In the Mountaintop Catacombs, defeat the Ulcerated Tree Spirit.
  • Near the Freezing Lake, in a canyon


Golden Flame Peak Seeds

From the Grace Site at the Foot of the Forge, go northeast. The seed is in the vicinity of the giant who has died.


Golden Seeds of the Eternal City

Head up the stairs and through all of the buildings from the Eternal City Site of Grace. You’ll find an elevator just in front of the Seed once you’ve crossed the big bridge. This is the area before to the Waterfall Basin.


Golden Seeds from the Lake of Rot

Go to the Grand Cloister’s lowest stairwell and battle the Ulcerated Tree Spirit at the waterfall’s base.

In “Elden Ring”, what are Sacred Tears used for?

Sacred Tears are significantly more uncommon, and each usage increases the amount of HP or FP your Flasks recover. They’re very important when your Vigour and Mind stats rise, and you may earn a lot of them early on. Sacred Tears can be found in churches, albeit they are not present in every church.

Locations of Sacred Tear

Sacred Tears are rarer than Golden Seeds. So far, these are the ones we’ve discovered.

Sacred Tears of Limgrave

Pilgrimage Church is a church dedicated to pilgrims.
Third Church of Marika Callu Baptismal Church Fourth Church of Marika Callu Baptismal Church


Sacred Tears of Liurnia

Church of Irith Bellum Church Church of Inhibition (near Frenzied Flame Village)


Sacred Tears of the Altus Plateau

Near the Altus Highway Junction is the Second Church of Marika Stormcaller.


Sacred Tears of Caelids

The Plague Church is a church dedicated to the plague (near Sellia, Town of Sorcery)


Sacred Tears from the Giants’ Mountaintop

Marika’s First Church (Mountaintops of the Giants, at the Freezing Lake on the edge)