Locations of “Elden Ring” Grave Glovewort and Ghost Glovewort

“Elden Ring’s” Grave Glovewort is an uncommon and valuable item needed to upgrade Spirit Ashes with Roderika in Roundtable Hold. These, unlike most edible plants, never grow again, and Ghost Glovewort, an even rarer item solely used for upgrading specific Spirit Ashes, is the same. You’ll need different grades of Glovewort for different upgrade tiers, just like Smithing Stones. Because they’re scarce, consider your options carefully before deciding how to spend your Spirit Ashes.

In “Elden Ring”, where can you find Grave Glovewort?

Grave Glovewort appears to be clustered by region in the various Catacombs that dot The Lands Between. Grave Glovewort 1 is found in Limgrave’s Catacombs, whereas Grave Glovewort 3 is found in Liurnia’s, but there is typically some overlap. Grave Glovewort is difficult to miss since it resembles miniature lilies with brilliant white petals.

So far, we’ve discovered all of the Grave Glovewort locations.

Limgrave Grave Glovewort locations

  • Murkwater Catacombs
  • Stormfoot Catacombs
  • Impaler’s Catacombs
  • Tombsward Catacombs
  • Deathtouched Catacombs

Liurnia Grave Glovewort locations

  • Cliffbottom Catacombs
  • Road’s End Catacombs
  • Black Knife Catacombs

Caelid Grave Glovewort locations

  • Caelid Catacombs
  • War-Dead Catacombs
  • Minor Erdtree Catacombs

Other Grave Glovewort locations

  • Wyndham Catacombs (Mt. Gelmir)
  • Gelmir Hero’s Grave (Mt. Gelmir)
  • Consecrated Snowfield Catacombs (Consecrated Snowfields)
  • Giant Conquering Hero’s Grave (Mountaintop of the Giants)

The boss of the Wyndham Catacombs also drops a Glovewort Bell Bearing, which you can offer to the Husk Maidens in Roundtable Hold in exchange for Grave Glovewort.

In “Elden Ring”, where can you find Ghost Glovewort?

Ghost Glovewort is unique in that it only improves “recognized Spirit Ashes.” Elden Ring isn’t exactly transparent about what constitutes a renowned Spirit Ash, but it appears to be the legendary ashes, such as Lhutel, the Ancient Dragon Knight, and the Cleanrot Knight, from what we can discern. Ghost Glovewort clusters, like the Ashes they upgrade, are more difficult to discover and only grow in underground regions, such as the Ainsel River and Siofra River.

We’ve also encountered some in the Catacombs, mistaking them for Grave Glovewort and collecting both without understanding it.

Ghost Glovewort Locations

  • Murkwater Catacombs
  • Black Knife Catacombs
  • Tombsward Catacombs
  • Road’s End Catacombs
  • Gelmir Hero’s Grave
  • Wyndham Catacombs

The Twin Maidens will sell you Ghost Glovewort at the Hold if you locate the Ghost Glovewort Picker’s Bell Bearing in Nokron the Eternal City.