“Elden Ring” Leaker Claims That There are No Bloodborne Projects in the Works

According to a well-known “Elden Ring” leaker, there is currently no proof that Sony is working on Bloodborne sequels or PC ports. Bloodborne is at the top of the list of PS4 exclusives that PlayStation fans want to see a return in some way, preferably as a sequel or PS5 upgrade. In addition, the recent release of God of War on Steam and Epic Games Store triggered a surge in requests for a PC version of Bloodborne.

Bloodborne was released exclusively for PS4 in early 2015 and is widely regarded as one of the best of FromSoftware’s Souls-universe endeavors. The action RPG was widely praised by critics and players alike, and it soon established itself as an immediate classic. However, in recent years, the game has begun to show its age, particularly in terms of performance on older hardware. As a result, fans of Soulsborne wait with bated breath for word of a PS5 60fps patch. Sony, on the other hand, appears to be uninterested in such a venture. Players with modded PS4s can download an unofficial 60fps patch for the seven-year-old game, but this isn’t the best option for most.

Despite speculations of a Bloodborne PC port, Elden Ring insider and Omnipotent (via GamingBolt) maintain that such a project is not in the works. In response to a ResetEra discussion, Omnipotent stated that FromSoftware fans have yet to hear rumblings regarding a Bloodborne patch, remaster, PC port, or PS5 upgrade. “Even when deliberately seeking it out, several times, over a period of years,” the leaker continued, “I’ve never come across anything being done with Bloodborne.” Omnipotent has already been privy to information about a number of FromSoftware games in development, including Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, Déraciné, and “Elden Ring”. The source also claims to know a few things regarding unreleased titles, none of which appear to be tied to Bloodborne.

This also contradicts previous claims, such as those claiming that Bluepoint Games, the developer of the Demon’s Souls remake, is working on a Bloodborne sequel. Neither Sony nor Bluepoint has confirmed this, and there is no proof to back up the assertion at this time. Never say never, as Omnipotent pointed out in their ResetEra piece.

While Sony remains tight-lipped about Bloodborne’s future in interactive entertainment, the brand’s essence lives on others. For Free Comic Book Day on April 13, Titan Comics will release the first issue of its all-new Bloodborne comic series. The first issue will serve as a teaser for the entire series, which will be released digitally and in stores in May. Other comic adaptations of the popular IP have also been released, including the limited series The Death of Sleep.