“Elden Ring” Is FromSoftware’s The Best Selling Video Game

Bandai Namco announced the new sales milestone during an earnings call on May 11 that was broadcast live online. “Elden Ring” has gone on to dominate as a fresh new IP, with 13.4 million copies sold around the world since its launch in late February on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox platforms.

It’s an incredible sales figure for a FromSoftware game, let alone one with a reputation for being intentionally difficult. Perhaps it’s the online co-op nature of Elden Ring that has drawn new crowds to FromSoftware’s latest endeavor, or perhaps it’s the overwhelmingly positive reviews that have drawn new crowds.

To put things in perspective, “Elden Ring” now has over half of the total sales of the Dark Souls franchise (including Demon’s Souls), which totals 27 million units sold. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice had sold five million copies as of July 2020, putting “Elden Ring” on track to outsell Sekiro by three times.

“Elden Ring” has gained even more distance on Dark Souls 3 with the current total of 13.4 million sales. Dark Souls 3 was the single best-selling FromSoftware game ever prior to “Elden Ring’s” release, with 10 million combined sales sold, which “Elden Ring” easily surpassed with 12 million units sold earlier this year.